4 'golden' principles of safe and fast real estate investment

4 'golden' principles of safe and fast real estate investment

In the midst of the "confusion" of the real estate market, experts state investment principles to ensure safety for investors.

Legality is a prerequisite

In a recent share with Thuan Hung, Mr. Le Ngoc Son - Business Manager of THG assessed that legality is a prerequisite criterion that should be carefully checked before putting money down in any real estate product. .

The legality of the project is always the basis for determining whether the development project meets the set regulations or not. The construction and handover also need to follow the committed schedule, helping investors avoid risks directly related to benefits.

Legal of HT Pearl project

Legality of the HT Pearl project, the gateway to the city. Thu Duc, one of the projects Thuan Hung Group is distributing

Legal is an important factor when learning real estate investment.

In addition, with products with complete legal status, they often disclose information fully, clearly and transparently. From there, buyers can approach the product objectively, know the information to make the right investment.

HT Pearl - Thuan Hung

Investors also believe that products with more long-term ownership conditions are "gold bars" on the market. Real estate buyers in Vietnam often like to use them as savings and gifts for the next generation, which makes long-term ownership products always sought after in the market.

Reputation of investors and developers

Usually, projects with complete legality and transparent information also come from branded investors in the market. In addition, the "sign" that a reputable investor lies in the projects that have been handed over and put into operation, verified by buyers through quality and management. Even the projects being implemented by investors, their enthusiasm is reflected in the landscape system, utilities, transportation system, and infrastructure to serve the needs of residents and visitors.

One of the measures to assess the reputation of the investor is also the units chosen to cooperate with. Experienced investors often work with competent design, supervision and construction consulting units.


Vinhomes and Masterise Homes are two reputable investors and developers in the market,

For example, luxury apartment complex Lumiere Boulevard - a project located in the core of Vinhome Grand Parl urban area in District 9, the investor "shakes hands" with many world-class partners such as Interior Design Company No. “Hirsch Bedner Associates HBA (USA) and Marriott International .., in the country are Vinhomes, Techcombank, Delta.. This is considered a guarantee for the quality and class of the product, creating peace of mind for investors. .

HT Pearl Binh Duong

HT Pearl with a series of famous brands in the world and in the country


“Of the principles that directly affect the value of a property, location is the only thing that cannot be changed. Infrastructure can change, economy can change, legality can be improved gradually, social factors can grow and be busy over time, but location can't," commented THG's representative.

In any case, location is still an important factor for real estate valuation, ensuring the sustainable value of investors. In particular, when land funds in prime locations are increasingly scarce, investors are increasingly competing for the best location.

Therefore, projects located in a central location, near areas with adequate transport infrastructure: roads, airports, seaports are advantages. In particular, resort products located in areas with favorable natural conditions, attracting tourists are potential "gold mines".

Large scale or methodical

According to experts, there is a wave of investors flocking to large-scale, well-developed projects to solve profitable problems and be a safe cash flow haven.

The "all in one" model is favored by many investors, especially for resort real estate, because the model meets the needs of buyers. This is not only a tourist destination with a rich system of facilities, but also a destination with long-term stay value and favorable business development.

Lumiere Boulevard - Belt 3

Utilities Lumiere Boulevard is absolutely guaranteed when located in the Vinhomes Grand Park urban area, District 9

In particular, in areas such as Thu Duc City (Eastern Saigon area) Di An City (the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City)..., the key economic zones of the entire Southeastern region, are being shelters. hidden for the cash flow of many people. Investors focus on creating suitable products, full infrastructure experience from entertainment, shopping, entertainment, education, health care.

With many experienced investors, pouring capital into well-invested and large-scale projects is also one of the important investment secrets, in addition to determining the legal status and reputation of the owner. investment and project location.

Lumiere Boulevard Beautiful Banner Perspective

Lumiere Boulevard and HT Pearl will be launched in mid-2022. With main product lines: luxury apartments to duplex and Penthouse, all information about the above projects.. Customers can contact through sales department Thuan Hung Real Estate: 

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

Website HT Pearl Thu Duc: https://thuanhunggroup.com/ht-pearl/

Website Lumiere Boulevard District 9 : https://thuanhunggroup.com/lumiere-boulevard/

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