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Bcons Polaris - The 11th apartment product line of Bcons Group

Continuing an affordable apartment project that is marketed by Thuan Hung Real Estate right in front of Le Trong Tan, Di An City named - Bcons Polaris. It is known that Bcons Polaris apartment is the 11th project of Bcons Group in Binh Duong Province, adjacent to Pham Van Dong and National Highway 1A, Thu Duc city, only about 500m.

With its professionalism and meticulousness in planning and functional components, every project of Bcons Group always gives customers the best experience. And at Bcons Polaris, Thuan Hung Group is confident that this will be a carefully invested project in every stage from design to construction for customers near and far to choose from.

Bcons Polaris
Experience the convenience of a high-class apartment project in Di An, Binh Duong

About the investor Bcons Group

Bcons is the abbreviation of Bcons Construction Investment Joint Stock Company - an enterprise operating in the field of design, construction and office leasing. During more than 10 years of operation, Bcons has always made constant efforts to improve and improve service quality, in order to achieve the set goals.

With the desire to bring the best efficiency to investors and customers using its services, Bcons investor always seeks to apply the latest technologies. A special feature of Bcons is the use of BIM technology in project management, design and construction, which helps standardize services according to international standards.

Bcons Group: Top 10 leading real estate developers in Vietnam in 2022

BIM technology is a revolution in the application of information technology to combine building design drawings with other information systems of a construction project, including desired materials, costs, construction progress, etc. construction level and other project cash flows.

As a result, the successful application of BIM technology in all phases of project management, design and construction, helps Bcons' services always achieve a lot of efficiency, saving time and money. while creating quality products, aesthetics and modern conveniences as desired.

Implemented projects

Bcons Suoi Tien, Bcons Mien Dong, Bcons Garden, Bcons City, Bcons Polygon, Bcons Bee, Bcons Green View, Bcons Plaza, Bcons Sala….coming soon is the Bcons Polaris apartment complex.

Bcons project has been implemented
Bcons Polaris apartment

Overview of Bcons Polaris . project

Tradenames Bcons Polaris
Project location Le Trong Tan Street, An Binh Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong Province.
Investor Bcons Group
Design Bcons Design
Construction general contractor Bcons Construction
Distributors THROUGH
Scale: 3820 m², 26 floors high, 2 basements, total 522 products
Area apartment: 41 – 61 m²
Building density 40%
Type of investment Apartment, Shophouse
Area apartment Moderate size, updating
Utilities Shophouse, commercial center, supermarket, resort swimming pool, park, Bowlling area, VIP lounge, library, gym, ...
Starting construction 2023
Expected handover 2025
Juridical Bcons makes full legal commitment before opening for sale
  • Vietnamese: Long-lasting
  • Foreigners: 50 years under current law
Price 39 million/m² excluding VAT, excluding preferential policies
Location Bcons Polaris

Location of apartment Bcons Polaris

The address of Bcons Polaris apartment project is located at Le Trong Tan, Di An, Binh Duong (right at the intersection of National Highway 1A and Le Trong Tan, opposite Vietcombank An Binh headquarters).

Bcons Polaris project is located about 800m from Him Lam Phu Dong project. From Bcons Polaris, follow Le Trong Tan street towards National Highway 1 about 100m, turn right and meet the 4th intersection, Pham Van Dong street intersects with National Highway 1A, right in Thu Duc city (Lin Xuan 4 intersection). Bcons Polaris has a convenient connection position when it is located between National Highway 1A and Pham Van Dong within less than 500m.

Location map of Bcons Polaris apartment project

Although Bcons Polaris project has a similar location to Phu Dong Premier, which has been handed over, it is in the same Binh Duong province, but there is a huge difference that customers need to note. While Phu Dong Premier is located on the side of the road intersecting with An Binh, but right next to the gate of Binh Duong Industrial Park, this is a point that often gets stuck in traffic during the off-shift hours of workers, so it will take more time to travel.

Not to mention, Phu Dong Premier is interspersed in a residential area with many hostels, so the security around the project area will be somewhat more complicated. Meanwhile, Bcons Polaris is located on the other side of Le Trong Tan, opposite the People's Committee and Vietcombank An Binh Headquarters, so it will be easy to move into Thu Duc City to avoid traffic jams by Highway 1A to Pham Van Dong.

Education system:

  • System of kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, adjacent to the project
  • National University Village, Banking University, People's Police University
  • Phu Dong Lotus International Kindergarten in Him Lam Phu Dong residential area (Phu Dong residential area 1)

Shopping mall:

  • Vincom Thu Duc, Giant Mall, Big C, GigaMall, Sense City, Co.op Mart Thu Duc, Coop X-tra, Thu Duc Market, Thu Duc Agricultural Wholesale Market...

Health System:

  • Hoan Hao General Hospital, Thu Duc General Hospital, Thu Duc District Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital.

Various utilities

Utilities Bcons Polaris apartment is designed in a modern style with a 35-storey tower, in which the floors are arranged to arrange utilities for residents. Commercial center, kindergarten, supermarket and swimming pool, residents can enjoy the cool water while watching the surrounding scenery.

Especially with the top floor, there is an aerial meditation garden with Sky Lounge and Sky Garden. This brings a newness and 5-star luxury lifestyle, usually only found in high-end apartments right in the heart of the city with the selling price of several billion dong.

Full Bcons Polaris utility
Bcons Polaris apartment

Bcons Polaris with optimal design

Typical design floor plan Bcons Polaris

Detailed design of Bcons Polaris apartment project is designed with high-class design, with a small and medium area from 1 to 3 bedrooms.

The interior design of Bcons Polaris apartments always ensures the principle of transparency in the projects that Bcons Group builds. The apartment is very reasonably designed and makes the most of the open space to receive natural light and wind. This is what makes Bcons Polaris different from most projects on the market today.

  • The living room always has a large balcony;
  • Almost 2 bedrooms have windows to get natural light;
  • All apartments have separate balconies and drying yards;
  • The drying yard is located right next to the kitchen to get more natural light to keep the kitchen bright and airy.

Model house Bcons Polaris

Operator Bcons Polaris
Operator Bcons Polaris

Selling price & payment policy

Price list

Currently, the selling price of the Bcons Polaris apartment project announced by the investor Bcons Group is expected from 39 million / m2 excluding VAT and excluding preferential policies, equivalent to 1.6 billion / 1 bedroom apartment.

However, with the selling price of apartments according to high-end standards, it can be expected from 39-40 million VND per square meter. Thus, Bcons Polaris owns a quite competitive price with Phu Dong apartment area 500m away with the selling price of 40-45 million VND per square meter.

Payment policy

Investor Bcons Group has carefully calculated and balanced the appropriate cash flow, spread according to the construction progress of the project. As a result, homebuyers will "breathe" a lot, more comfortable when dividing the payment amount appropriately according to each time segment, avoiding having to raise too much capital at the same time.

Moreover, with the cooperation with military bank MB Bank and Public Bank - the unit that guarantees the project and supports customers with installment loans to buy apartments. With 3 flexible payment methods, it opens up a suitable financial plan for many customers. As follows:

Payment method 1


Discount 7.5% apartment value excluding VAT

Payment method 2


Discount 1.1% apartment value excluding VAT

Payment method 3


No discount

Project progress in May 2023

Bcons Polaris' progress
Bcons Polaris' progress
Bcons Polaris' progress

Contact consultant Bcons Polaris

For more information about Bcons Polaris apartment project (Bcons 11) – Please contact hotline 0911525454 or sign up for a consultation request form below. We will contact you for advice as soon as possible. Sincerely thank you !

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Frequently asked questions

Is Bcons Polaris legal project reliable?

Investor Bcons Group is known for a series of legal standard projects and always hands over the house before the commitment time in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Therefore, you can completely trust when trading at Bcons Polaris project.

Information on legal documents will be updated by us as soon as the investor provides it.

What are the strengths of Bcons Polaris compared to other projects of Bcons Group?

The biggest strength of Bcons Polaris is "LOCATION", since the project is less than 800m from Pham Van Dong and 300m from National Highway 1A.

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