Introducing the project Lavilla Green City urban area in Tan An City - Long An

Lavilla Green City Tan An - Banner Long An

Lavilla Green City Tan An -Super LAVILLA GREEN CITY project is the combination of two reputable investors with experience in the current real estate market, Tran Anh Group & Dong Tam Long An, bringing a comfortable living space inside and outside the area with the context of the grass arch River, Hung Vuong Street, the main shopping area of the province, is busy

The following basic articles of the sales department Long An land plot Together with the history from the Investor will help you have an overall view of the project.

About Laviila Green City project

Harmony with nature is a fundamental philosophical principle in the Eastern cultural tradition. However, the rapid development of urban areas and the dream of modernization are transforming nature, and many times people suddenly dream of a pure and peaceful country life with green gardens. , with peaceful riverbanks. That is why in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular, the trend of living in harmony with nature is gaining popularity and is also the reason for more and more natural projects to be built. .

As the gateway of the Mekong Delta, a network of interlaced rivers, streams and canals, bordering on Ho Chi Minh City, Long An real estate is emerging as a potential economic region, where ideal for developing green urban areas.

One of the cities that are expected in Long An is Lavilla GreenCity – Urban area in the administrative center of Long An province with a strategic location right in the administrative center of the province and modern facilities. Not only has the advantage of location, it is easy to connect with Ho Chi Minh City and the western provinces through completed routes: Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway, East-West Boulevard... Green City with a scale of 76, 6ha is being deployed by Dong Tam Joint Stock Company - one of the experienced and reputable investors in the market - focusing all its resources to deploy with many modern construction items.

Lavilla Green City Tan An - Long An

Lavilla Green City Tan An – Long An

Enthusiasm from Investor Lavilla Green City

And to create a modern living space but still imbued with Vietnamese traditions, Dong Tam Joint Stock Company distilled the most quintessential details of Asian culture into the interior space of the apartment. From spacious rooms, flower-covered porches to flexible skylight systems, residents will have the feeling of living in a house that is both strange, familiar, and rural with the shade of green trees and the sound of the wind. , both luxurious with glass windows and modern amenities.

In addition, there are rows of commercial townhouses, designed to be both suitable for business and to serve the needs of essential and high-class life. Away from the noise and dust of daily life, residents will have the opportunity to return to their peaceful childhood when they can take care of the acacia flowers by their own hands on the balcony, fly kites with children every afternoon, or join together. family explores the life of the people of the country by boat…

With careful care for its branded products, Dong Tam is gradually creating a standard green city.

Overview of Lavilla Green City Urban Area

  • Investor: Tran Anh Group & Dong Tam Joint Stock Company
  • Project scale: 76.6 ha
  • Number of townhouses: Including 800 units, Building 1 ground 2 floors
  • Land area: 5×20
  • Total construction area: 360 m2
  • Price 2.8 billion units, flexible payment for long-term contribution, high discount from the investor

Location of land plot Lavilla Green City

Lavilla Green City urban area located at the golden position on Tran Phu street, facing directly to the bank of Tan An river in the core area of the current An Nhon urban area. The urban area is bordered to the west by An Nhon town industrial cluster, to the south by Can Vuong street with a road width of 25m, to the north by Ham Nghi street.

With traffic planning - infrastructure is increasingly complete, along with arterial traffic routes such as National Highway 19, National Highway 1A convenient to the Central Highlands provinces and connecting North - South, 2 Binh Dinh expressways - Nha Trang, Quang Ngai - Binh Dinh pass through with the starting and ending points at the intersection with National Highway 19 in An Nhon with a scale of 4 lanes, and three sides adjacent to dynamic economic zones such as Phu Cat Airport, Phu Cat Airport, and Phu Cat Airport. Nhon Hoi economy and Quy Nhon city center will be very convenient for connecting, forming the main traffic route to promote attractive profitable investment, real estate value increases continuously over time. .

Utilities Lavilla Green City Tan An

Lavilla Green City Tan An - Long An ichs conveniences

Lavilla Green City Tan An – Long An ichs conveniences

Built on the idea of a modern model city, high-class residential community, civilized living environment, ideal when gathering a series of quality utilities and services such as:

  • Owning the natural landscape of the prosperous Tan An River
  • The riverside green park system is very beautiful and cool
  • Adjacent to the utility service area such as cultural house, stadium, food court, market, supermarket, intermediate school, high school, junior high school, kindergarten
  • Adjacent to the administrative center such as: Department of Internal Affairs, An Nhon Treasury, a bank, a post office of Binh Dinh province (area II)
  • Planning many public utilities: commercial center, sports area, school

In order to turn your home into a resort in the middle of the sky, the designers have constantly been creative and strive to create an extremely interesting and comfortable living space, based on the following principles:

Villa Green City townhouse design

1. Functions:

  • Layout, space organization and clear functional subdivision
  • Convenience and convenient living
  • Bringing modernity to every space
  • Full service space, from basic to advanced.

2. Architectural physics:

  • The design creates the best conditions for natural light and wind, so that the temperature is always suitable for human health.
  • This can be called "green architecture" because it is suitable for hot and humid tropical climate.
  • Organizing a "porous" space, always with a buffer space, helps to release excess heat, bringing the best health to people.
  • With a system of many different skylights, creating good wind circulation conditions, in accordance with feng shui, helping the family to prosper and develop.

3. Architectural style:

Designed according to the school of tropical contemporary architecture, bringing nature into each house, with the following criteria:

  • Simple
  • Easy to accept because it is not fussy and foreign to Vietnamese architecture
  • Harmonious colors, do not use strong and eccentric contrasting colors
  • From there, it helps to create the overall look of a beautiful and luxurious city
Lavilla Green City Tan An - Long An - Model house

Lavilla Green City Tan An – Long An – Model house

Project hotline: 0911 525454

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