Following the success of the Opal project chain (Opal Riverside, Opal Garden, Opal Boulevard, Opal Skyline) now, Dat Xanh Group will continuously deploy Dat Xanh Homes chain with up to about 8000 products in Binh Duong market. Specifically, in early 2022. Dat Xanh Group will launch Dat Xanh Homes Cityview project at Thu Dau Mot Center. DatXanh Homes Cityview is a project that lays the foundation for subsequent projects such as DatXanh Homes Parkview, DatXanh Homes Centralview in Thuan An, Di An, in the near future.

DatGreen Homes CityView

Dat Xanh Homes CityView - Stable economy, Binh Duong is still the focus of real estate 2021


With positive economic indicators in the first 6 months of 2021 and many converging attractions, Binh Duong is holding many strong growth opportunities in the real estate market.


Impressive statistics

Despite facing many difficulties and challenges due to the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Binh Duong's economy will continue to recover and prosper in 2021.

According to the statistics of Binh Duong Department of Statistics, in the first 6 months of 2021, the gross domestic product (GRDP) increased by 7,23%, the total retail sales of consumer goods and services increased by 10.4%, the turnover increased by 10.4%. commodity exports increased by 47.2%, total social development investment increased by 10.8%. Industrial production index increased by 8,23% - the highest growth rate in the past 3 years.

In particular, attracting FDI into Binh Duong in the first 6 months of 2021 reached 1.4 billion USD, 1.7 times higher than the same period in 2020. Continuing to maintain the top 3 position in the country with a total FDI capital of 37 billion VND. USD. The province currently has 31 industrial zones in operation with a total area of nearly 13,000 hectares. The industrial zones of Binh Duong province not only attract a large number of workers, but also bring tens of thousands of foreign experts to live and work for a long time.

Assessing the huge growth potential from the Binh Duong real estate market - a smart city with the highest growth rate and urbanization rate in the country (82%), experts believe that the growth rate Due to the high population and young population, the demand for real housing in Binh Duong is increasing. Binh Duong currently has 2.6 million people, more than 50,000 foreign experts and engineers and nearly 1.2 million domestic workers, each year this resource increases from 20-25%... housing demand with a stable income. Therefore, the urgent need for housing is always increasing.

DatXanhHomes CityView Stable economy, Binh Duong is still the focus of real estate 2021

More convergent gravity ( Dat Xanh Homes CityView )

In addition to the economic foundation, Binh Duong real estate also creates a strong attraction thanks to the "leverage" from infrastructure projects of thousands of billions of dong, mainly concentrated in the northern region of Binh Duong province such as Ho Chi Minh City. New, Tan Uyen and Ben Cat. Notably, My Phuoc - Tan Van road officially opened to traffic on the whole route in May, creating a smooth connection between industrial zones and clusters of the province as well as neighboring provinces.

Recently, Becamex IDC Corporation signed a cooperation agreement with Central Retail Group (Thailand) on the construction of GO! at the intersection of National Highway 13 - Ring Road 4 (Ben Cat), with a scale of 3ha, total investment capital of 35 million USD.

Along with that, the 50ha Viet Duc International University and the 1500-bed Hospital have also been completed and will soon come into operation in 2021. These are all strategic works in the development of Binh Duong smart city. . The roadmap to build a Smart City is also being promoted by the province when two satellite towns, Ben Cat and Tan Uyen, have officially been approved for the City, becoming the new growth pole of Binh Duong in the future. .

Currently, Binh Duong is also promoting the construction of the Ho Chi Minh City - Thu Dau Mot - Chon Thanh expressway (more than 70km long) with an investment capital of up to 36,000 billion VND, which has been approved by the Government for implementation and contribution. the completion of the connection system between Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, next to National Highway 13 and My Phuoc - Tan Van.


My Phuoc - Tan Van road opens to traffic for the whole route in May 2021 (

DatGreen Homes CityView )

Commenting on the trend of real estate investment in 2021, the supply of the central real estate market is very limited along with the policies of infrastructure investment, which has caused a sharp shift in the "investment taste" of investors. strong. If in the past, the southern market was most prominent in the inner city of Saigon, now, satellite cities such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An... have risen strongly.

In the trend of Vietnam emerging as a new production center in the global supply chain, Binh Duong with the advantage of large land bank and complete connectivity infrastructure automatically becomes the ideal choice for real estate needs. industrial production and housing needs for professionals or those involved in this production process. In particular, Ben Cat and Tan Uyen possess many advantages with a large industrial development land fund to strongly attract investment capital and promote the development of the real estate market.

Besides, the country's real estate market faces many opportunities for recovery and stronger price increase at the end of the year, similar to the scenario that happened in 2020, and Binh Duong is no exception. This is a favorable time for investors to gather goods and wait for the wave at the end of the year.

DatXanhHomes CityView Stable economy, Binh Duong is still the focal point of real estate in 2021.


 Name of project  DatGreen Homes CityView (new name: Opal CityView)
 Location  Front of Highway 13, Phu Tho Ward, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province
 Investor  Dat Xanh Group
 Distributors  Thuan Hung Group
 total investment  Dat Xanh Group
 total area  Updating
 Construction area  Updating
 Type  High-class apartment
 Project size
  • 1583 apartment
  • Floor height: 36 floors
  • Legal: 1/500
  • Acreage:
    • 1 bedroom-37m2 (accounting for >20%);
    • 2PN-58m2-59m2 (accounting for <63%);
    • 3PN-75m2 (accounting for >17%)
 Estimated population  4000 people
 The main lobby  Updating
 Nearby amenities  An entire city in miniature around Dat Xanh Homes CityView
 Start  Quarter 4/2021
 Expected handover  Quarter 4/2023
 Legal Data GreenHomes CityView  House ownership certificate
DataXanhHomes CityView - Utilities


DatXanh Homes CityView project owns a prime location of Thu Dau Mot city, located in front of National Highway 13, Phu Tho ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. This is the arterial road connecting Binh Duong province, the East area with Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. In addition, this is an area with a very modern and synchronous transport infrastructure system, with densely existing residents. Especially, Dat Xanh Homes CityView Binh Duong Apartment is also located adjacent to industrial parks and high-tech zones, where there are a large number of high-tech workers and engineers, so the demand for housing is very large.

DatXanhHomes CityView - location

Dat Xanh Homes CityView apartment design


Dat Xanh Homes CityView project is built on a 1.5-hectare land, including 2 36-storey apartment towers with more than 1600 high-end products. Here, Opal Cityview Binh Duong apartments are designed delicately, modernly, optimizing functions and fully integrating functional spaces such as: living room, kitchen, bedroom, loggia, WC... ensure the privacy of each room.

Dat Xanh Homes CityView design with a variety of areas of 47m2 - 85m2, owns a cool design with wide open windows, creating a spacious living space, suitable for homeowners who like open space, The open space offers million-dollar views. In addition, the apartment also helps the apartment to receive natural sunlight and wind, helping to bring vitality to the owner, suitable for the needs of many customers. Especially young customers.

Utilities of Dat Xanh Homes CityView apartment building


Coming to Dat Xanh Homes CityView Binh Duong apartment project, you will enjoy a green space, with unique values like a high-end resort, with a series of luxurious and classy internal utility systems. Dat Xanh Group is well-invested by Dat Xanh Group, in order to meet all the living needs of families with young children, three-generation families or young families.

DatXanh Homes CityView Binh Duong apartment includes a number of utilities:

  • Swimming pool for adults, swimming pool for children
  • Green Park
  • Children's playground
  • BBQ area
  • Garden cafe, gym, spa,
  • Shophouse shopping area….

Linking the area Dat Xanh Homes CityView


In addition, from the location of the Dat Xanh Homes CityView project, residents can quickly go to the utilities around the house, the transportation infrastructure system develops synchronously. Therefore, residents living in Binh Duong opal cityview apartment only take a few minutes to enjoy the chain of existing external utilities, ready to meet all the needs of the people here. specifically as:

  • Thu Dau Mot Electricity, Thu Dau Mot Post Office, Thu Dau Mot General Clinic
  • Thu Dau Mot Market, Big C Thu Dau Mot, clothes shop in Thu Dau Mot
  • Thu Dau Mot University, Thu Dau Mot Education Department, Thu Dau Mot University Foreign Language Center
  • Thu Dau Mot Tax Branch, Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee, Phu Loi Street
  • Nice cafe in Thu Dau Mot, Thu Dau Mot Bus Station, Tra My Kindergarten 2
  • Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, hospital
DatXanhHomes CityView - Investor Dat Xanh Group


The project is developed by Dat Xanh Group, with strong financial potential, solid experience in investment, development and distribution of real estate projects. The Group was established in 2003, over 18 years of establishment and development in 3 regions of Vietnam. With the implementation and handover of a series of projects to ensure progress, outstanding quality, and a full range of living facilities for customers.



In addition, the Group was also honored with major awards such as:

  • Enterprises with the best working environment in Asia in 2020 in Vietnam
  • Top 50 most effective companies in Vietnam in 2019
  • Top most profitable real estate enterprises in 2019.
  • For the 7th time in a row, Dat Xanh was honored in the Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam.
  • Top 3 listed companies with the best IR activities in 2019.
  • Top 10 prestigious listed companies in 2019.
  • Topping the top of the most effective real estate enterprises in 2018.

DatXanhHomes CityView - Investor Dat Xanh Group



The project of high-class apartments in the center of Thu Dau Mot - Opal City View is invested by Ha An Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company. The project currently has a number of legal documents as follows:

  • Currently the project has 1/500
  • Investment Approved.
  • Red book of the total land area

Currently, Dat Xanh Homes CityView Binh Duong project has completed the construction legal kit to conduct piling pressing. Currently completing the necessary documents for building permit approval. If you are interested, please contact us via: 0911 525 454

DatXanhHomes CityView - Design

Assess the potential of Dat Xanh Homes CityView Thu Dau Mot


Recently, Thu Dau Mot has just been confirmed to a city directly under Binh Duong province. Therefore, Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee has had many policies to help improve infrastructure, affirming a new face for the city. Especially projects such as: hospitals, modern schools, commercial centers, ... to meet the needs of urban life for residents in the area.

Besides, Opal Cityview receives good news from Binh Duong province that is about to welcome a new shopping center - Binh Duong Square. Accordingly, Thu Dau Mot City People's Committee approved the planning area of 23,505.7m2. Binh Duong Square Trade Center is located in Phu Loi Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. This project was assigned to Biconsi by the Urban Management Department, Phu Loi Ward People's Committee

Great potential for rent with attractive profit when around Dat Xanh Homes Cityview Binh Duong project area, there are many industrial parks with very large scale, with a large number of experts and high-level human resources. Therefore, the demand for buying or renting is also extremely potential.

In addition, the connection between Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring cities, which is increasingly quick and easy, along with expansion, has promoted infrastructure development and population density, thus creating market development opportunities. Real estate in these areas is becoming stronger day by day. Therefore, with the central location of the city. Dat Xanh Homes Cityview apartment will be the first choice for investors for the time being.


Hotline/Zalo : 0911 525454

Address : Binh Duong Boulevard, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

Source : https://thuanhunggroup.com/tag/dat-xanh-group/

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