DatXanh Homes ParkView apartment project is the latest product of Dat Xanh Group in cooperation with Ha An Real Estate to invest and develop it is expected to be in 2021. After the success of a series of successful projects. Introducing "Opal" product lines such as: Opal Riverside, Opal Garden, Opal Boulevard and the latest is Opal Skyline... Then we are sure that Dat Xanh Homes ParkView apartment chain will continue to conquer the most demanding customers.

DatGreen Homes ParkView Opal ParkView - Perspective

Dat Xanh Homes ParkView - Why do many people want to immigrate to Binh Duong?


According to the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index report in Vietnam, one in five people over the age of five in Binh Duong province is an immigrant from another province (the total number of immigrants is up to five years). 489,000 people).

According to the PAPI 2020 Index report from DatXanh Homes ParkView, migration is becoming a major concern in Vietnam for a number of reasons. Firstly, people migrate for livelihood reasons (economic factors). Migration between provinces and cities has tended to increase in the past decade because Vietnam is developing a mixed economy in which industrial production, large urban centers and service industries develop. develop rapidly.


Opal ParkView 1

According to the results of the 2019 Population and Housing Census released in early 2020, 12 out of 63 provinces and cities received large numbers of migrants from other provinces.

There are 6,48% respondents said that they want to migrate permanently out of the locality where they reside. The Central Highlands and Central provinces have the highest percentage of people wishing to leave. As many as 19% respondents in Dak Nong province said they want to move elsewhere. On the contrary, similar to the research findings in many other countries, people living in big cities have less need to migrate.

In particular, according to the report, in the large industrial provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Bac Ninh, the proportion of people immigrating to the province (positive net immigration rate) is 5 times higher than the emigration rate (the rate of pure positivity).

In Binh Duong, the positive net migration rate (inmigration is greater than out-migration) is 204%. For every 5 people over 5 years old (total population over 5 years old is 2.3 million people) of Binh Duong province, one person is an immigrant from another province (total number of immigrants is 489,000).


Opal ParkView

Binh Duong also ranks 6th out of 63 provinces in the list of localities with the most people wanting to migrate. According to the report, people who want to immigrate choose Binh Duong, or Dong Nai because these are large industrial provinces across the country.

The PAPI research group from Dat Xanh Homes ParkView said that, in general, urbanization and job opportunities are the main factors attracting immigrants from other localities. Similar to many other countries, the majority of migrants in Vietnam also want to move to big cities and surrounding areas in the country.

Another reason for migration that has been mentioned a lot in 2020 is the impact of climate change. The public is interested in information about the potential impact of climate change on Vietnam after the impact projection maps to 2050 are widely shared on the mass media. These maps model the possibility that large swaths of Vietnam, particularly the Mekong Delta, could be flooded by 2050. Large-scale and severe flood projections That raises concerns about a wave of “climate refugees”, especially in large urban centers in Vietnam.

Opal ParkView

About Dat Xanh Group - Dat Xanh Homes ParkView

Dat Xanh Group is a real estate investor coming up from a real estate service brokerage company. The Chairman of Dat Xanh Group is Mr. Luong Tri Thin. In 2020, he was awarded the certificate of "Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year" by Nhip Cau Investment magazine.

Some important milestones:

  • Dat Xanh was established in November 2003 with initial charter capital of VND 0.8 billion and 10 employees.
  • March 2007: Dat Xanh officially moved to operate in the field of real estate investment and cooperated with many big projects such as Green Valley Urban Area, Giang Dien Waterfall Urban Area… And changed its name to the company. Green Land investment shares.
  • December 22, 2009: The Group officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange with the code DXG.
  • In 2018, the group increased its charter capital to 3,501 billion VND.
  • August 8, 2019: Dat Xanh Group was awarded "Top 10 prestigious listed companies in 2019".

Support consulting project Dat Xanh Group

  • If you are interested in internal information, please contact 0911 525454


Evaluate whether to buy Dat Xanh Homes ParkView Dat Xanh project?

Along with Nam Long, Khang Dien, Hung Thinh, Dat Xanh is a real estate investor highly appreciated by Le Dinh Phong in the development of mid-range apartments and land plots in the province. Projects with Dat Xanh have very good sales and high prices near the handover time thanks to good handover quality.


Opal City investor District 9 - Dat Xanh Group

Outstanding advantages of customers of Dat Xanh Group:

  • Has a very strong potential proven through a series of projects Sunview 1&2, Opal Garden, Opal Riverside, LuxCity, LuxGarden, DatXanh Homes ParkView....
  • Show great ambition when acquiring land fund up to 493ha. Among the top 5 listed companies on the stock exchange. Recently, Dat Xanh has acquired a 92ha project in Long Thanh. Phase 1 is expected to launch in mid-2020.
  • Attract young customers by projects with good locations and prices.
  • Dat Xanh is an investor with a large staff and a very strong F1, F2 brokerage system. This is very beneficial for investors when reselling because very actively the investor chooses to stay as a secondary and the project awareness is high.
  • Very good centralized sales implementation. Whether in the position of an investor or a brokerage service unit, projects in which the investor is present are often sold out. Investors can take profits on the stake right at the opening ceremony if they can buy a nice apartment.


Scale of Dat Xanh Homes ParkView project Thuan an Binh Duong


Opal ParkView - Perspective
 Name of project: DatGreen Homes ParkView
 Location Dat Xanh Homes ParkView :  Front of Highway 13, Lai Thieu ward, Thuan An city, Binh Duong province
 Investor:  Dat Xanh Group Group
 Design unit  Updating
 Construction unit  Updating
 Distributor: Thuan Hung Group
 Total planned area:  24,000 m2
 Building density  40%
Total Blocks:  12 Blocks
 Floor Height  Expected 25 floors, 3 floating floors for parking, 3 commercial floors and 3-storey shophouse area
 Type of development  Apartment, shophouse, commercial center
 Total number of products  8,500 products
 Product design  1BR - 3BR and shophouse
 Product area:
  • Average area: 47.7 m2 – 58.99 m2
  • Area of 2-bedroom apartment: 66.09 m2 – 74.37 m2
  • Area of 3 bedrooms: 83.36 m2 – 88 m2
 Local amenities  Swimming pool, Green park, Children's play area, Tennis court, Gym room...
 Legality of Dat Xanh Homes ParkView project Private pink book
  •  Foreigners: 50 Years
  •  Vietnamese: Long-term


Dat Xanh Homes ParkView Apartment Meets 4 criteria of a Grade A project

  • Absolute security: with 3 layers of intensive security including 24/24 security, security door, private lock for each apartment. Ensure residents will always feel safe and comfortable when living at DatXanh Homes ParkView
  • The living space is fresh and clean: with the cleaning team operating every day and the green park area that has been formed, the residents of Dat Xanh Homes ParkView Binh Duong apartment will certainly enjoy moments of comfort. roof right in your own yard.
  • Convenience in all aspects: Residents living in Dat Xanh Homes ParkView apartment can improve their health through playing Tennis, gym and swimming or spend time organizing a BBQ party with family and loved ones by using Use the facilities available right on your premises.
  • Civilized living environment: 80% residents are senior professionals from the US, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan… Ensure that their children always live in a civilized and knowledgeable environment.


Utilities outside Dat Xanh Homes Park View National Highway 13


Opal ParkView - Location

The prominence of the prime location is clearly shown when the moving distance of residents living at DatXanh Homes ParkView Thuan An apartment to key locations in the province is shortened such as:

  • Education: Eastern International University, Kinderworld International School, Singapore International School, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City…
  • Medical: Columbia International Hospital, Becamex International Hospital, Binh Duong International Hospital, Hoan Hao General Hospital, Oncology Hospital 2, Military Hospital 4...
  • Shopping: Becamex Trade Center, Big C Supermarket, Dien May Xanh, Aeon Mall Canary Binh Duong, Thien Hoa Electronics Supermarket, Lotte Mart Supermarket, Mega Market Supermarket, Thu Duc Market, Vincom Binh Duong …
  • Entertainment: Hunan Tourist Area, Dai Nam Tourist Area, Song Be Golf Course, Suoi Tien Tourist Area...
  • Economy: VSIP Industrial Park, Viet Huong Industrial Park, Song Than Industrial Park, Dong An Industrial Park, Mien Dong Bus Station, Mapletree Hi-Tech Park

Contact DatXanh Homes ParkView sales department via:

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

Source : https://thuanhunggroup.com/du-an/can-ho-chung-cu-binh-duong/can-ho-chung-cu-thuan-an/

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