D'lusso Emerald apartment project - D'lusso Diamond Nguyen Thi Dinh, District 2 - Dien Phuc Thanh

D'lusso Emerald District 2 - Green river and pearl land harmony-compressed

D'lusso Emerald District 2 – Project D'lusso Emerald apartment and D'lusso Diamond – Representative of the sales department Investor of the Dien Phuc Thanh project, we would like to introduce to everyone, one of the most “satisfactory” real estate products of Dien Phuc Thanh at the end of 2019, a 5-star masterpiece. at the central core of District 2.. That is the luxury apartment D'lusso Emerald, located on the frontage of the riverside road of Giong Ong To, An Phu. The place where flowers meet between nature and people..


The selling price will be the BEST in phase 1 of this D'lusso Emerald because:

  • → From a market perspective, apartment projects in the first stage of sale, reasonable apartment area, attractive preferential policies, commitment to get satisfactory apartments for customers. This is also the time when the product reaches the maximum value-added threshold and is the most profitable. Because the investor will increase the selling price continuously in the following periods.
  • → D'lusso Emerald is a new opportunity for customers and investors after missing opportunities from other projects before – success is a guarantee.


All previous apartment projects have increased in price and are easy to "sell out".

    • → Being ahead is one of the basic principles in investment. Have you ever wished “what if” your time was invested in projects? 
    • → Rare products with the only remaining clean land fund in District 2
    • → The most complete legal of projects in Ho Chi Minh City.
    • → D'lusso Project District 2 will be sold at a discounted price. A completely reasonable price for an A+ standard apartment and is the expected price of surfers, investors think this is the ideal time to "pour money" to seek profit. Besides, the investor also supports extremely flexible payment methods, which is also a good advantage for investors.


Diverse in utilities, the area of customers can be rented right after receiving the house.

  • → Apartments from 1-2-3 bedrooms are fully handed over to phase 1 customers with all apartments equipped with furniture as well as comprehensive finishing materials such as model houses.
  • → All D'lusso Emerald apartment are elaborated to the smallest detail by the investor as well as the architects and design partners. Equipped with modern furniture from famous brands in the world, customers can stay right after receiving the house

About the D'lusso Emerald apartment project in District 2

The goal of the D'lusso Emerald apartment project: Build housing with suitable living environment. Standard with complete urban infrastructure facilities. modern and related services connecting technical infrastructure. And social infrastructure for the surrounding area. create more housing fund and effectively use the economic value of the land.

Investment form: Investor of D'Lusso Emerald project invest in the construction of residential areas according to the approved planning for sale to organizations. Individuals with housing needs in accordance with the provisions of law. And trade in commercial and service areas according to regulations

Legal transparency: While the projects are being tightened in terms of legal procedures, or are not yet eligible for sales. Then D'Lusso Emerald apartment is a bright spot in the apartment market in District 2. When the legal procedures for the project have all been approved by the construction department to be eligible for sale.

D'lusso Emerald District 2 - Project Perspective

Scale of D'lusso Emerald apartment project in District 2

D'lusso Emerald apartment project District 2 will be one of the hottest apartment projects at the end of 2019. When the final stages have been completed. To prepare to launch and sell to interested customers. Priority is given to customers who are interested D'lusso Emerald project. Please call the Hotline below or register. To receive the most accurate information and advice about D'lusso Emerald apartment project.

 Investor Minh Thong Real Estate Trading Company Limited (member of Dien Phuc Thanh)
 Project location Along Giong Ong To River, An Phu Ward, District 2
 Tradenames D'Lusso Emerald
 Design Concept design: Updating

Design of Sales Offices and Apartments: Updating

Texture: Updating

 Construction general contractor Updating
 Construction of pile foundation Updating
 Management and Operation Updating
 total area 8,495.6 m2
 Building density Updating
 Type of investment High-class apartment, Commercial, Service, Office, Shophouse, Officetel

 Project size

D'Lusso Emerald planned and developed by the investor into a high-class complex, specifically:

  • 2 apartment buildings 
  • Number of apartments: undisclosed apartments
  • Luxury apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms with diverse areas
Utilities D'lusso Kindergarten and Primary School, Inner Park and Riverside Park

Fitness center (gym, spa, yoga...), Square, BBQ garden, food court, library, common room, jogging track, swimming pool...

 Starting construction Fourth quarter of 2019
 Expected handover Updating
 Juridical House ownership certificate
 Ownership Vietnamese: Long-lasting

Foreigners: 50 years under current law


Hotline 24/7 : 0911 525454


Location D'lusso Emerald Apartment Nguyen Thi Dinh An Phu

D'Lusso Emerald An Phu projectDistrict 2 owns an extremely favorable location, facing the river and main roads and the most beautiful riverside walkway in Saigon, less than 500m from the People's Committee of District 2. D'Lusso project has an area of 8,495.6m2, including 2 blocks of 25 floors with high-class utility services.

D'Lusso Emerald District 2 An Phu ward has an easy and quick connection with District 1 via Mai Chi Tho arterial roads and Thu Thiem Tunnel. Connecting with Ring Road 2 and Phu My Bridge to move quickly to Phu My Hung, District 7. Easily connect District 5, District 4, Thu Duc, District 9, Binh Thanh, ... just a short distance from Long Thanh Airport. 17 minutes by car via Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway

Boundary planning of D'Lussso project area District 2:

  • → East: adjacent to the existing residential area.
  • → West: adjacent to Nguyen Thi Dinh street, road width 30 m;
  • → South: adjacent to the existing residential area;
  • → North: bordering Giong Ong To river.

Thanks to its modern and prime location in the area, D'Lusso Emerald apartment fast connection with many modern external utilities around the area such as: Thu Thiem urban area; Phu My Hung urban area; A modern commercial center with many large centers located around, a hospital…

Apartment D'Lusso Emerald An Phu also owns a key position as the gateway connecting the center of Ho Chi Minh City with the eastern provinces

D'lusso Emerald District 2 - Location of apartment project-compressed

Utilities of the luxury apartment D'lusso Emerald Dien Phuc Thanh

The smart way to choose apartments or townhouses is the utility and living environment of the project. The utilities integrated in the apartment area are one of the values that help improve the quality of life and are not only desired by customers but also by the investor who always aim to meet the requirements of customers. Criteria that the investor wishes to bring to customers through D'lusso Emerald project are apartments with comfortable, modern and classy quality of life La Partenza Nhon Duc Nha Be - Utility-compressed

Living space of D'lusso Emerald project is designed very modern and class with: swimming pool, supermarket, park, amusement park, restaurant, school, ... will meet the requirements of you and your family.Dlusso Emerald Apartment promises to bring the ideal living space with top quality service. If you own an apartment here, you will always feel safe and refreshed every time you return to your home.

Utilities in D-lusso Emerald apartment Designed according to Singapore standards, it will create a comfortable and modern feeling to help customers feel relaxed and comfortable right in their home. You and your loved ones will be able to walk together in the green park or go swimming, shopping at the mall. With D'lusso Emerald apartment project Now everything is at your fingertips

Existing area Dlusso District 2

In the next 3 years strategy. Ho Chi Minh City always prioritizes the implementation of traffic projects in the East:   

  1. The highway parallels Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay.
  2. Ring Road 2 (from Phu Huu bridge to Go Dua intersection, My Thuy intersection, An Phu intersection).
  3. Thu Thiem Bridge 2, 3 and 4. Cat Lai Bridge connects Nhon Trach with District 2. Bridge over Diamond Island
  4. Project of 4 routes around Thu Thiem urban area. Planning to invest in metro line 2 
  5. Another intersection at My Thuy roundabout - a key project to relieve traffic jams at Cat Lai port area.
  6. Upgrading and expanding main roads in District 2 

From the location of the D'lusso Emerald apartment, it will be easy to connect to existing utilities in District 2:  

  1. Parkson Cantavil Shopping Center, Estella Place, Mega Market, Big C, Vincome Mega mall. 
  2. Australian international school, American international school, education system from preschool to university system within a radius of 1km 
  3.  This is an area where a lot of people live. But there are not many high-rise apartment projects. As a result, residents can easily enjoy a peaceful life. Comfort after stressful working hours with family.

D'lusso Emerald Nguyen Thi Dinh District 2 - Project location-compressed

D-Lusso luxury apartment design in District 2

With D'lusso Emerald apartment Home is not only a place to live but also a place to enjoy the life that residents dream of. Each apartment at D-lusso has its own loggia and large windows to receive maximum natural light, bringing fresh air and cool breeze from the river blowing into the apartment. Helping apartment owners to completely remove fatigue and regenerate new life energy when returning home. Creative inspiration Dlusso Emerald project with the idea of "Returning to nature". It is this that has prompted the investor to bring to customers an apartment of nature, your family's apartment, of joy and simple happiness right in your apartment.

Contact D'lusso Emerald project investor – D'lusso Diamond

Currently, all information about D'Lusso luxury apartment project along Giong Ong To River, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City such as: Estimated selling price, construction progress, payment methods, customer policies ..vv Please contact via Hotline:

0911 525454

District 2 apartment project

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