District 7 Apartment

Apartment in Binh Tan District in 2023. Website to update information - latest news about high-class apartment project real estate in wards:

District 7 is near which districts?


Apartment District 7

 Location  Area District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
 Develop & provide information  Thuan Hung Group
 Hotline/Zalo  09087 13135
 Content  The whole apartment project in District 7, HCMC
 Year  2022 – 2025

District 7 is an urban district in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. District 7 used to be part of Nha Be district before. District 7 is famous for Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Wonderland amusement park and Phu My Hung New Urban Area (Saigon South Urban Area).

Area: 35.76 km²

Urban : 100%

District 7 is located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City.

  1. The North borders District 4 through Kenh Te
  2. The Northeast borders District 2 across the Saigon River
  3. To the south, it borders Nha Be district through Rach Dia - Phu Xuan river
  4. The East borders Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province across Nha Be river
  5. The West borders Binh Chanh district
  6. The Northwest borders District 8 through Ong Lon canal

Apartment District 7 Saigon in 2023

Wards Tan Hung - Tan Kieng - Tan Phong - Tan Phu - Tan Quy - Tan Thuan Dong - Tan Thuan Tay - Binh Thuan - Phu My - Phu Thuan.

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#1 Shizen Home luxury apartment complex

Shizen Home District 7

See more at: https://thuanhunggroup.com/shizen-home/

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Apartment & Officetel The Peak Garden, front Nguyen Luong Bang District 7

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#1 Shizen Home - Asiana Riverside apartment project in front of Ben Nghe, Phuong Tan Thuan Dong


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Shizen Home ( Asiana Riverside ) is an apartment project...
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#1 Sunshine Legend Sky Villas luxury apartment project Nguyen Huu Tho District 7

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#1 Ascent Garden Homes apartment project in District 7 – Tien Phat in 2021

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Introducing the high-class apartment project The Ascentia Phu My Hung District 7

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