Functions required at the Farmstay Workshop Real Estate project

What is Farmstay Workshop? Functions ? Note to build the project ?

WHAT IS FARMSTAY WORKSHOP? – Farmstay combined with workshop or farmstay workshop is a farmstay that combines a processing, creative and manufacturing workshop on a field that the farm owner is passionate about such as wood, bamboo, ceramic,... Here, customers will experience Experience processing and crafting typical items of the workshop while enjoying the fresh air of the farm.

What is Farmstay Workshop? Functions ? Note to build the project ?

What is Farmstay Workshop? Functions ? Note to build the project ?

This model of farmstay is rooted in the love of nature, the desire to live with nature and still have a space to fulfill your passion. Besides, the desire for customers to experience technical processing in the farm space is also a factor that creates this type of farmstay.


1. culturing area

In a farmstay, the farm is still an important factor because when tourists choose the farmstay tourism model, they are in need of experiencing closeness to nature, eating agricultural products, participating in agricultural activities, etc. Therefore, the farming area should be given a certain priority: Well planned, invest in diverse plant varieties to be able to harvest all year round, need to plan the experience in the farm area (guests will go as How to collect agricultural products? Picking and eating at what locations?…)

2. FARMSTAY WORKSHOP Post-Harvest Processing Area

For farms with a large area and high yield, you should have a preliminary processing area and warehouse to store agricultural products, then put them through the processing and packaging lines and then bring them to the sales area. If the amount of agricultural products is too large, you should also design a road large enough for transport trucks to enter the processing site. In the processing area, you should pay attention to the water supply for washing agricultural products during preliminary processing. You should also pay attention to the problem of wastewater treatment, to avoid contaminating other areas in farmstay.


This is the place to show the passion and personality of the owners of farmstay. You can choose an art form for the workshop in your farmstay such as: Processing products from wood, bamboo, ceramic, silk, agricultural products from your own farm. It can be essential oil distillation, rose water; manual coffee production by specialty coffee method;…

Sometimes you can organize vocational classes for those who love products from your farmstay: Roses, lemongrass, coffee, tea, etc. Note that when a farmstay has a training element, it should be in mind. Consumers always favor knowledgeable farmers, they respect these farmers as teachers who teach them new knowledge. That is the only difference of farmstay that comes from your passion. At that time, no one will be able to compete with you in this regard because passion and enthusiasm are not easily obtained.


Usually, the workshop warehouse is located next to the workshop area or near the agricultural product processing area so that it can be combined as a common warehouse. For some specific agricultural products that require dry or cold storage, you should use the type of storage suitable for that agricultural product. For example: Freezing storage for durians, fresh storage for oranges, low humidity storage for preserving mushrooms, etc.


The peculiarity of this area compared to other farmstays lies in the following: When visitors arrive at the reception area, they immediately see the typical products of the workshop. That's how you leave a mark in your customers' minds from the very first moment they set foot in your farmstay. Spend a lot of time on branding elements such as product naming, branding, designing stickers on products so that customers can remember your products. Depending on the type of workshop product, the display area can be large or small. However, one thing in common is that you need to cherish your product, do not put your product on the ground or in an informal location.


Some people who invest in farmstay think that the stay part does not need a methodical investment, sometimes they underestimate the investment in this area, making visitors feel temporary. I don't think you should think this way because when you put yourself in the position of a tourist, would you be comfortable staying in a resort that lacks basic amenities? So, instead of spreading investment, you should use materials from nature that do not bring a temporary feeling. Rooms should have enough basic functions to create a feeling of safety and respect for visitors such as: bedside cabinets, charging sockets near the head of the bed, soft enough mattresses, warm enough blankets, and no insects. attack, there is hot and cold, clean towels, equipment in the bathroom, …

Usually, visitors to your farmstay have experienced in many different resort spaces, so the different and meticulous elements in a room also make them feel excited and happy to be at your farm. attention, care in every little detail (Location of toilet paper, towel hanging, charging socket, ... are delicately placed to bring a sense of comfort).


With different customers and different workshop scenarios, the parking lot will have a different area. Sometimes, the farmstay workshop can receive a large number of visitors during the day, but the number of guests staying is very small, the parking lot needs to be large. Or if you are affiliated with tour operators, the parking lot needs to be large enough for the buses to turn around. Your business plan directly determines the size of the road, the size of the parking lot.


This is an area that has received inadequate attention in the development of farmstay. The technical area is where water, electricity, waste water, waste treatment, etc. are operated. These functions often cause trouble in the operation of farmstay if you do not properly invest in this area. For example: A farmstay can lose power completely if the wire is too small, causing fire and explosion due to overload; Sanitation may be blocked because the pipe or septic tank is too small;… And if there is no backup plan for power failure, water loss, the whole farmstay will have to stop operating while there are guests, causing experiences. not good in customer impression, not true to the commitments in providing products to experience farmstay.



For a successful farmstay workshop, you should build farmstay based on your passion and interest in an art form. Because, farmstay is also a type of business, it also has to go through the difficulties and fluctuations of the market, making your farmstay empty for many months. Only when you have passion and enthusiasm will you be able to welcome guests, create interesting experiences and keep the perseverance to develop your farmstay.


Sometimes because of our professional activities, we often forget about the customer experience. The customer's needs are respected, self-expression, ego; experience the spaces in farmstay; experience the activities in the workshop; … When rooted in the love of customers, you will always want to create unique experiences for them, helping them in the process like guiding a clumsy child when must experience in-depth skills such as painting, woodworking, knitting, baking, etc.


We need to agree that: Resources are not only money but also knowledge, relationships, technology, etc. So, different people have different resources to start farmstay. The important thinking to develop farmstay is to always reserve a sum of money so that if the economy is difficult, the number of customers is not stable, you still have enough money to maintain farmstay activities (the main salary is the cost of wages). My advice is that you should start slowly, observe the market to make the right investment decisions. Make sure when you invest money, what you invest will bring a certain profit or cash flow, do not invest when you have no control over where it will go.

Wish you all success with FarmStay WorkShop!

Source: Architect Pham Thanh Tung

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