Introducing the Golden Mall townhouse land project in District 9

Golden Mall District 9 - Project Welcome Gate

Golden Mall project in District 9 – Representative of Hai Nhan investor's sales department, opening phase 1 of Golden Mall townhouse land for sale. Located in front of 79 street, Phuoc Long B.. Adjacent to Binh Thai intersection 500m….

The following basic article by Golden Mall sales department, and associates land plot in district 9, will help customers have an overview of the project…

Overview of Golden Mall project in District 9

Project name: Golden Mall housing area in District 9

Investor of Golden Mall project: Hai Nhan Company

  • Location: Front of street 79, Phuoc Long B ward, district 9
  • Project Development – Distribution: Thuan Hung Group
  • Total project area: 4.2 hectares
  • Scale: 215 lots of adjacent townhouses
  • Area: 5 x 18.5 x 20.7 x 20 (m2)
  • Infrastructure: well-organized infrastructure, 12m internal roads, parks, schools, ...
  • Legal: private pink book, standard form 1 ground 2 floors.

Location of Golden Mall project, Street 79

Some reviews about the location of the Saigon Gateway project help you make a better choice. Golden Mall is located on the front of Street 79, the gateway to the East Saigon area, an area with complete infrastructure, convenient for moving to the city center as well as the surrounding community area.

Golden Mall Q9 owns an extremely flexible traffic connection location with central districts thanks to the city's key major roads.

  • From Golden Mall follow Hanoi highway arrive District 1, District 2, Binh Thanh: move for 10-15 minutes.
  • Golden Mall follow Great Ring 2 arrive Rach Chiec Bridge, Samsung area: move for 7 minutes.
  • From project Golden Mall is also easy to reach to neighboring provinces such as Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vung Tau.

Special Golden Mall =located at stop 11 of Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien (will be put into operation in 2020). For young couples who prefer a quiet life, cool air and convenient and fast travel to the city center, Golden Mall Hai Nhan is the best choice.

It can be said that being located right next to the metro line is one of the bright spots of the project. In fact, in the world, in areas of high-rise buildings and houses with Metro lines operating, the surrounding housing prices are often higher than other areas about 20-30%.

Townhouse Golden Mall is located in a densely populated area, so it inherits available amenities around such as hospitals, schools at all levels, commercial centers, supermarkets, markets, ..

Project Golden Mall is considered to have a good location in the area, however, the project is located in front of the main road of Hanoi Highway, so it will not be possible to avoid the dust and noise when the Container truck moves. When choosing to buy an apartment, you should pay attention to choose the apartments with internal views, rows located close to the inside.

In addition, Hanoi Highway is located on the route of the Container truck to Cat Lai ferry, making traveling to the center sometimes not smooth. However, this problem will be solved when Ring Road 2, section from Binh Thai intersection to Phu Huu Bridge, a closed high-tech park.

Overall rating of the location, project Golden Mall is still a project with a prime location, worth owning. Suitable for young families with a good average income, who like to live in a quiet area, not too noisy, but not too far from the center, and can move easily and quickly into the city center. .

Golden Mall townhouse facilities in District 9

The Golden Mall Quan 9 project converges all favorable factors in terms of location, traffic, advanced, modern, energy-saving design with full amenities, and developed by a professional investor. Karma. The project will definitely create a different living environment, high-class services and construction quality for residents inside the project.

When the housing projects in Golden Mall are completed, residents will enjoy thousands of golden utilities just a few steps away from their homes:

  • Full facilities for all family members: convenient supermarket, commercial center, swimming pool, gym & yoga, green park spam, restaurant, coffee, local clinic, kindergarten, children's playground children, relaxing garden, walking path…
  • In particular, the primary school is built right inside the project, meeting the top criteria for your family's future green sprouts.

Design vs ground of Golden Mall Hai Nhan project

Golden Mall premises include 215 townhouse lots. Area: 5×18, 5×20, 7×20 (91m2 / 100m2 / 140m2). Divided into zones: A , REMOVE , OLD , EASY , E , F. The effective interaction values between nature and people right in the heart of the Golden Mall will allow the production of impressive spiritual life values, which is the basis for forming an ideal humanistic community in the future. next

Estimated selling price list vs Payment method

Price policy:

The official selling price of phase 1 is only from 57.5 million/m2, with many great discount policies (2-3 million/m2).

Expected payment policy:

Project hotline: 09087 13135

Source at: land project in district 9

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