Mid-2018 : The focal point of Long An land plot project bordering Saigon South

Cuu Long Can Tho Urban Area Project

Thanks to the strategic location and the increasingly completed infrastructure chain that makes connection easier, the Long An land market in the southern suburbs of Saigon is expected to grow strongly in the coming time.

The push from the "billion dollar" infrastructure

According to the implementation of the upgrade, the South SG area with the solution will form extremely attractive new urban areas combined with ecological environmental protection. Over the past 25 years, from the low-lying alkaline soil, Nam SG has appeared Phu My Hung - Vietnam's first model urban area - a place that attracts a great deal of intellectuals, business people, overseas Vietnamese and foreign tourists. live.

From the "nucleus" of Phu My Hung, Nam SG is currently welcoming more high-class products, promising to share the overload for the existing urban center. These can be mentioned as Dragon City (65ha scale), Him Lam Kenh Te (65ha) or GS Metro City (350ha), Saigon Peninsula (118ha) ... well, Ho Chi Minh City is promoting the planning of two large projects. The island is an urban area - Hiep Phuoc port with a scale of more than 3,900 ha and Can Gio urban - tourism area with a scale of 2,870 ha.

According to the implementation, the urban area - Hoa Phuong red Hiep Phuoc will provide support services for ports and industrial parks, serving the needs of professionals who come to reside and work, and at the same time connect with urban areas. vicinity. This location focuses on four major ports of Vietnam located along the Soai Rap river, including SPTC International Container Terminal, SG Hiep Phuoc Red Phoenix Flower, Hiep Phuoc Red Phoenix New Flower, and Long An International Port. Accompanied by industries and high-tech seaport services... Meanwhile, Can Gio urban area - sea tourism will turn into a center of tourism, convention, and entertainment of national stature. economic.

Mid-2018 : The focal point of Long An land plot project bordering Saigon South

To serve the needs of development, recently TP. Ho Chi Minh City has also implemented a series of infrastructure projects with a total capital of billions of US dollars. In addition to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Phu My Bridge, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Thuan 2 Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge and Nguyen Van Cu Bridge, expanding National Highway 50, in the coming time to Saigon South, there are also additional products such as: North - South trunk road extending from National Highway 22 to urban area - Hiep Phuoc Port, Kenh Te 2 bridge, Thu Thiem 4 bridge, Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho intersection... perfect, metro line 4 will be extended. from Thanh Xuan (District 12) to the urban area - Hiep Phuoc Port. Total capital for these important projects amounted to more than 5 billion USD.

And yet, South SG also greatly benefits from the Belt 3, Ring 4 routes are forming and the Ben Luc - Nha Be - Long Thanh expressway is about to be put into operation. Just past the city. Ho Chi Minh City has also approved the investment policy of Binh Khanh Bridge, Can Gio Bridge and the development of Rung Sac Road to strengthen the connection between the city triangle including Phu My Hung - Hiep Phuoc and Can Gio.

Those "billion dollar" projects promise to create a breakthrough upgrade push for all areas in the southern part of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, including Can Giuoc and Ben Luc districts of Long An province. This is also the reason why Nam SG is proposed to establish a special economic zone in the coming time.

Arousing the potential of real estate on the outskirts of Saigon South

Catching the push from the infrastructure chain, many large organizations are racing to build products in South SG such as Vingroup, Novaland, Hung Thinh, Sadeco, Hung Loc Phat, Nam Long... The heat is still spreading to Can Giuoc district, Ben Luc District city border. Ho Chi Minh City with products of Long Hau, T&T Group, Nam Long... Even the "big guys" like Vingroup, Van Thinh Phat, Him Lam, Thaco are also preparing to plan huge products here.

In fact, the real estate market area of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has gone beyond administrative boundaries in the "city area of Ho Chi Minh City". Ho Chi Minh City”. Neighboring areas such as Can Giuoc, Ben Luc will benefit the most when considered as the "backyard" of the city. HCM. This will help the resort real estate segment become more capable than ever and it is also an opportunity for investors to go ahead and seize the opportunity.

According to statistics of DKRA VN, in the second quarter of 2018, the land market in coastal areas such as Ben Luc and Can Giuoc showed signs of increasing heat. Most of the land plot products have high liquidity and fast delivery such as T&T Long Hau, SaiGon Village, Thai Son... This proves that the demand of buyers is quite high and land is still the investment channel of choice. ranked first in the last 6 months of 2018.

Long Hau Riverside

Most recently, Danh Khoi Real Estate Joint Stock Company (DKR) has opened for sale the Long Hau Riverside project with a scale of more than 20 hectares located right in Long Hau urban area with a complete chain of infrastructure and utilities. In addition to a wide range of townhouses, townhouses, and garden products, Long Hau Riverside also includes high-class facilities such as parks, trees, space, commercial streets, food courts, etc. creating a standard and most modern closed urban area in Long Hau.

In addition, the product also inherits all the rich external utilities from the administrative, medical, educational, entertainment center ... It is known that the selling price of Long Hau Riverside is only from 13.8 million VND/m2, quite attractive compared to the land price in the adjacent area of the city. Ho Chi Minh City from 20 million VND/m2 or more. Meanwhile, from Long Hau Riverside to GS Metro City only takes 7 minutes and to Phu My Hung is only about 15 minutes, so the possibility is very large. In the future, when the infrastructure works are completed and the urban area - Hoa Phuong red Hiep Phuoc is formed, it will help arouse and increase the value of Long Hau Riverside.

Source : Can Giuoc project 

With extremely attractive prices for investors: 9.8 million/m²Saigon Eco Lake is very attractive to investors specializing in the land plot segment. Especially, after the special economic zones of Vietnam stopped real estate transactions, the number of visitors from special economic zones here increased "suddenly".

For any information, readers can contact the hotline: 0908713135

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