Grand Marina Saigon Bason District 1 - Vietnam is a destination attracting investment from multinational corporations and world-class enterprises. Along with that development is the rapid increase of the wealthy class in the country and this is an opportunity for the rich to own real estate with international brands such as JW Marriot, Ritz-Carlton..., in order to asserting its position not only in Vietnam, but also reaching out to the world.

Grand Marina Saigon District 1 - dark perspective

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Grand Marina Saigon - Marriott International & Masterise Homes- Start building Branded Residence in Vietnam

Masterise Homes and Marriott International recently signed a comprehensive and long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the plan to build the Branded Residences product line - "Brand Real Estate" in Vietnam.

As the leading hotel group in the world, Marriott International will cooperate with Masterise Homes to maximize the strengths and experiences of both sides, jointly creating the Branded Residences project in Vietnam. and is the largest-scale Branded Residence project in the world under the Marriott brand. This is an outstanding bright spot for Vietnam's real estate market in particular and for the regional market in general, elevating Vietnam to become a global hot spot.

The cooperation agreement between Masterise Homes and Marriott International will bring the leading luxury brand in Marriott's product line, The Ritz Carlton, to the Vietnamese market. In addition, two other high-end product lines, Marriott and JW Marriott, will bring customers unprecedented experiences at Branded Residences. The developed projects promise to be timeless icons with the same standard of quality as any other Branded Residences in the world.

Grand Marina Saigon Bason District 1
Grand Marina Saigon Bason District 1 - Investor

Grand Marina brand JW Marriott

Information about the "handshake" cooperation between Masterise Homes (Grand Marina) and Marriott International is expected to blow a "breath" of globalization into the Vietnamese real estate market, promoting the rapid development of products. new super-luxury housing products, increasing the heat of domestic and foreign investment, boosting the economy and creating a different position for Vietnam. In particular, elevating the life experience for elites with full global standards.

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Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective

Progressing from quality of life to the value of branded real estate Marriott International

Around the world, urban branded residences have experienced a decade of rapid growth. Over the past ten years, the number of branded apartments increased by 170%, adding more than 52,000 units across 370 projects. World-class hotel brands are also entering the game, and as a leader, Marriott International is the world's leading large branded residences developer. operates projects in 17 other countries and territories and is expanding its international portfolio.

For the super-rich, in both Vietnam and countries around the world, owning a Branded Residence product will bring a lot of meaning: It is the "mark" of each person. individuals for products they own or as a form of accumulated wealth over time. Customers buying an apartment in this product line whether to live, invest or store assets also means that they are guaranteed by the best silver brands in the world, guaranteed full price. value of a worthy product.

Talking about this historic partnership, Mr. Jason Turnbull, Deputy General Director and CFO of Masterise Homes said: "Masterise Homes' projects will combine with leading prestigious brands. of Marriott International such as Marriott, JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.Projects will be designed, built, managed and operated to the same quality standards of the above brands, creating the privilege of 'citizens' experience the same kind of service and standard lifestyle at the JW Marriott 5-star hotel in London, or the 5-star Ritz Carlton New York hotel",

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective
Masterise Homes Ba Son District 1 - Project perspective from Masterise Group - Project location

The project is located in a beautiful location

Grand Marina Saigon - The project marking the cooperation between Masterise Homes and Marriott International is located in a beautiful location of District 1, the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, right on the Saigon River, rich in historical values. The project will be developed into a large-scale complex with residential, office, and commercial functions.

This will be Marriott International's largest downtown branded residence in the world. Grand Marina Saigon promises to attract the super-rich not only in Vietnam but especially in the Asia Pacific region because of its reputation and high-class experience associated with the world's leading brands. It is this attraction that has helped Branded Residences become high-class, civilized communities sharing the same living values. In addition, owning an internationally certified branded real estate like Branded Residences will contribute to building a position for the owner, increasing personal prestige, affirming the value of the life of the elite. global flower.

Size of Bason apartment in District 1

 Name of project:  Grand Marina Saigon (Masterise Bason)
 Project location:  Front of Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, HCMC
 Investor:  Masterise Group - Marriott Corporation
 Design unit:  Masterise Group
 General contractor for construction and construction of pile foundations:  Delta & Newtecons
 Expected distributor: Thuan Hung Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company
 Total building area:  5ha
 Building density:  23,5%
 Development type:  High-class apartment, commercial, office, service, shophouse, officicetel
 Scale of Masterise Bason project:   7 subdivisions
 Number of high floors  47
 Area apartment:  50-150m2
 Estimated number of apartments supplied  More than 4200 units
 Utilities Masterise Homes District 1
  • Educational schools, elementary schools, parks, fitness centers, sports, squares, Grilled gardens, ...
 Starting construction:  Quarter 2 of 2021
 Expected handover:  Quarter 2/2023
 Legal Grand Marina  House ownership certificate
  • Vietnamese: Long-lasting
  • Foreigners: 50 years under current law
Grand Marina Saigon Bason

About Grand Marina Saigon Investor - Masterise Group

The investor of the Masterise Homes apartment project is the Masterise Group. This is a member company of Masterise Group - formerly known as Thao Dien Investment, which has made its mark with high-class real estate projects under the brand names of Masteri, Millennium and M-One. Masterise Homes will manage and develop all of Masterise Group's residential real estate brands in the future.

Masterise Group - Logo

With the high-end real estate brand Masteri, launched the first project Masteri Thao Dien luxury residential area. Masteri Thao Dien project owns a class location, large scale and has an influence on the development of the East - City area. HCM.

With the goal of "sustainable development" in the real estate field, the luxury real estate brand Masteri has chosen to cooperate with reputable units with comprehensive investment and commitment to progress to create the best quality products for customers. In particular, this supportive cooperation contributes to the creation of a modern and civilized living standard - a place where modern amenities and a friendly living environment converge to help a happy life sublimate. Following the success of the Masteri Thao Dien project when it was a huge success in the real estate market in 2014-2015, the luxury real estate brand Masteri introduced to the market 3 main segments.


Luxury project

High-end project

Modern project


With many special privileges that Grand Marina Saigon (Masterise Homes Ba Son) District 1 is expected to bring to customers and investors below, you will certainly not be able to miss an extremely golden investment opportunity. this attraction.

Masterise Homes Ba Son District 1 - Project perspective from Masterise Group - Location

Grand Marina Saigon has the most beautiful location in Ho Chi Minh City at the moment: Owning a city center location, right next to the Saigon River, directly connected to many arterial roads such as Le Thanh Ton, Dong Khoi, Hai Ba Trung and connected to Dinh Tien Hoang route, Ba Son port project is considered by investors to be located on the most beautiful golden land in the city named after Uncle, if not the most beautiful in the country.

The project has extremely convenient regional links: As mentioned above, thanks to its unique and prime location, the Grand Marina Saigon project has flexible connections to all important places in the city, whether traveling by train or bus. Road, waterway, railway or subway: 2 minutes to Metro No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien; 3 minutes to Thu Thiem new urban area; 4 minutes to the center of District 1, HCMC.

Masterise Group launches Masterise Homes Company

Very reputable investor,

With many famous leading brands in Vietnam, especially in the field of high-end real estate. Apartment products of Masterise Group (Thao Dien Investment) are always well received by all customers with the highest favor and trust, including some typical completed projects such as: Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri Center Point, Masteri One, Masteri Lumiere Riverside.... 

Masterise Homes Ba Son District 1 - Project perspective from Masterise Group - 5-star facilities

High-class facilities only available at Grand Marina Saigon: Join the Grand Marina Saigon community, specifically Grand Marina Saigon coming here, you will become a member of an upper-class, civilized and cohesive community. . Above all, in addition to the 5-star service facilities expected to be planned inside the project, future residents of Ba Son Saigon villa area also benefit from many facilities around the project such as: Commercial Saigon Square, Times Square Nguyen Hue, Vincom Dong Khoi, etc. Especially, it only takes you 5 minutes to reach Vinmec hospital, Vinschool located in Vinhomes Central Park urban area...

Grand Marina Saigon Bason - nice perspective


Hotline/Zalo : 09807 13135

Address: Front of Ton Duc Thang Street, Bason, District 1, HCMC

Source : Apartment District 1

Official website at:

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With the expectation that the first luxury apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to come into operation in 2023, Masterise Homes and a team of contractors and workers at the Grand Marina and Saigon construction sites work day and night for the project. "Strengthen" and complete according to the committed schedule.

  • Lake Tower (branded Marriott): The exterior and glazing stage reached 96%, the completion progress, the landscape area of the Lake building is being implemented synchronously as planned. Besides, the installation of electricity, water, ventilation systems, etc. is being implemented synchronously on all floors. Interior finishing such as marble tiling, floor tiles, ceiling work, painting.. is in progress for both Marriott apartments and corridors from floors 16 to 25.
  • SEA Tower (branded duo Marriott and JW Marriott): under construction on the 14th floor.
  • Cove Tower, Lagoon (branded as JW Marriott): under construction on the 9th floor
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