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HT Pearl - Own the most luxurious apartment and first appeared at the gateway of the city with "4 AN" - legal safety, financial peace of mind, top-notch settlement, complete peace of mind. Along with the investment standard "0 RISK in terms of legality, progress and quality of apartments".


HT Pearl
HT Pearl policy
HT Pearl Thuan Hung

Scale of project HT Pearl Di An, Binh Duong

HT Pearl is the latest apartment project invested by HT-PEARL Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd., which is carefully cared for in every detail. HT Pearl project is located in the heart of Di An city, Binh Duong province, adjacent to the gateway of Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, just 3km from Pham Van Dong (Hotspot of real estate market in East Saigon area).

Name of project: HT Pearl Apartment Area
Investor: HT-PEARL Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd
Location: Nguyen Binh Khiem (from National Highway 1K - 200m), Dong Hoa ward, Di An city, Binh Duong province.
Management consulting & supervision: MEINHARDT Vietnam Construction Consultant Co., Ltd - one of the world's leading construction management and consulting brands.
Architectural design: Kume Design Asia – This is a brand associated with many multinational projects. In Vietnam, Kume Design Asia is marked by many famous and classy projects such as Ecopark urban area, Novotel Phu Quoc, Novotel Suites Hanoi, ...
Structural Design: RANKINE & HILL CO., LTD
Foundation construction unit: Peace
Body construction unit: Coteccons
Project scale: 8,728.7 m2. In there:

  • Land for construction works: 4,223.5 m2
  • Green land: 1,797.4 m2
  • Traffic land: 2,707.8 m2
Number of apartments: 1,063 units
Number of floors: 35
Number of basements: 2
Construction permit: No. 2836/GPXD issued on July 29, 2020
Commencement date: 25/08/2020
Opening time: April 2023
Pick-up time: 3rd quarter of 2023
Official distribution Thuan Hung Group
Ht Pearl

Golden location connecting thousands of utilities

HT Pearl AKOYA apartment complex is located at 29/8 Tan Hoa neighborhood, Di An city. The exact location of the project is behind Dong Hoa market.

Adjacent to the National Highway 1K arterial road, it connects directly with Thu Duc District and goes into the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, it easily connects to the administrative center of Di An city (about 2km away) and connects to Thu Duc National University Village (about 10 minutes), the new Eastern bus station (about 12 minutes). .

This is a very beautiful location, with very high growth potential at HT Pearl, especially when Ho Chi Minh City is planning a project for Thu Duc city, thereby helping Di An city to benefit from the general plan.

The obvious attraction of the HT Pearl project can be seen, when it attracts great attention from customers, especially customers in Ho Chi Minh City area when the trend of population expansion forces people to move to other regions. near the city like Di An.

Regional link from HT-Pearl Dong Hoa apartment project:

  • 5 minutes to Thu Duc District.
  • 10 minutes to Bien Hoa city - Dong Nai.
  • 15 minutes to District 9.
  • 25 minutes to Ho Chi Minh city center
  • 20 minutes to Thuan An city
  • 30 minutes to Thu Dau Mot city
  • 30 minutes to Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Investor information HT-PEARL . Housing Construction Investment Co., Ltd

HT Pearl - Logo

HT Pearl is the first project of HT-PEARL Housing Investment and Construction Co., Ltd., a project full of thoughts, cherished and cared for from the heart of the investor.

In order to bring the best experience to each resident, HT Pearl investor has gathered Grade A construction brands, creating first-class quality works from structure to appearance right in the heart of Di An city.

Kume Design Asia Architectural Design Consultant with 88 years of experience. Consultant, managed and supervised by Meinhardt (Vietnam), Structural and M&E design of the project by Rankine & Hill Company Limited (Singapore). Hoa Binh Construction Company, Top 1 contractor in Vietnam for many years in the construction of the foundation.

Utilities of HT Pearl apartment project 

The HT Pearl apartment complex of HT-Pearl House Construction Investment Co., Ltd is fully equipped with utilities inside the project campus with the desire to create a flourishing residential community, long-term development. HT Pearl with a system of 30+ top-notch utilities is where the owner feels happiness every day and is filled with positive energy towards a full life. HT Pearl is the perfect choice for a peaceful and prosperous life in the heart of the city.

At HT Pearl, residents will enjoy a peaceful and full life, meeting the needs of all ages and family members. Residents can admire the unique works of art right at their home through art facilities such as: Landscape waterfall, Hong Lac Lake, Check-in Green Wall, Art Deco Statue. …This is a factor that helps improve the spiritual life of residents.

In addition, facilities such as: Restaurant, cafe, Game Center, Outdoor BBQ Garden, Trade Center, Shophouse system, Infinity pool ... will bring residents moments of relaxation and entertainment. with a modern and luxurious "living substance".

At HT Pearl, grandparents, parents and children can take care of their health, relax or develop intellectually and physically at special facilities such as: white gravel meditation garden, gym, yoga, practice garden for children, Kid garden…

Design - HT Pearl project - Block AKOYA

The overall plan of the HT Pearl apartment project in Dong Hoa ward is planned to include 2 interconnected towers located on a square land.

  • The project has 2 basements for parking
    • Floor B1: car parking
      B2 floor: motorbike parking (expected capacity ~2200c)
  • Ground floor includes: shophouse, commercial, community activities
    • Reception hall (3 halls: 1 shopping mall lobby, 2 private halls for residents)
      Conference hall.
  • Floor 1: Education, commerce, community activities, educational works, practice garden...
  • From the 2nd floor onwards is the apartment
  • Design apartments with open space, wide view can see Di An city and Thu Duc city, direct view of Da lake area of university village.
1 bedroom apartment HT Pearl
Apartment 1+ bedroom HT Pearl
HT Pearl 2 bedroom apartment
3 bedroom apartment HT Pearl

Apartment - Model house HT Pearl

Duplex apartment HT Pearl

Duplex - What is a penthouse?

Duplex is a double-storey apartment, designed through the floor between 2 adjacent floors.

Duplex apartments are usually only available in high-end projects, so when you own a Duplex apartment, you live in a community with many modern and synchronous facilities, serving all needs from living. to entertainment…

Duplex has a unique and large atrium design, so it is suitable for large families. The stairs in the Duplex apartment are closed, compact and delicate. Duplex has an open space with tempered glass doors to make the most of the viewing angle and natural light source.

With the attic area, homeowners will have a lot of usable area, so not only for basic functions, homeowners will have many other spaces such as reading room, bar, massage room, ... or have plenty of space for interior decoration, expressing the owner's own identity.

HT Pearl Apartment is one of the few projects with Duplex apartments. HT Pearl is a passionate project designed by the leading Japanese design company Kume Design Asia (designing the Japanese embassy in Vietnam). However, the Duplex Apartment in HT Pearl has extremely reasonable prices, class and quality guaranteed by world-class names in the architecture - construction - interior industry.

Price list HT Pearl 

Owning now with only VND 250 million – understanding financial worries, HT-Pearl applies an attractive settlement support policy. Instead of having to pay 30% to be able to sign a Sales Contract, now customers only need to pay 9% - equivalent to 250 million. In the next payment, customers only need to pay from 1.5%/time.
All the quintessence are gathered at HT Pearl - Japanese standard apartment with smart payment policies that opens up great investment & living opportunities!

Currently, the official selling price for the products of the HT Pearl Di An Binh Duong apartment project is only from 32 - 34 million/m2. The selling price varies depending on the view direction, the angle, contact us immediately to receive the latest price list directly from the Investor.

There is a good policy for customers/floors/CTVs to buy wholesale: please contact 0911525454

HT Pearl policy

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Payment methods

Payment methods are being unified. The project will certainly have a long-term payment schedule according to the construction schedule to ensure the convenience of the buyer. At the same time, the investor is also working with banking partners to finalize a plan to support customers to buy HT Pearl apartments.

Special payment method, just need to have 9% in advance to sign a sales contract.


HT Pearl paid 9%

Evaluate the potential of HT Pearl apartment building

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With a beautiful location adjacent to National Highway 1K, the Pearl Di An HT project inherits the synchronous ability of the area and possesses high growth potential when the general planning of the area is developing very quickly.

The advantage of the HT Pearl apartment location is that it only takes about 5-7 minutes for residents to connect to the full range of community facilities of Di An city such as: Dong Hoa market right in front of the project, Dong Hoa Ward People's Committee opposite the market, Di An administrative center (2km), Big C Di An (more than 1km), parks, schools at all levels, ..

Since Di An came to the city, National Highway 1K with an important role in economic connection between Dong Nai - Binh Duong - Ho Chi Minh City has also been included in the list of expanded routes along with associated roads such as DT743 , 1A highway,..

With extremely fast economic development, complete and synchronous infrastructure, full facilities and modern regional planning, HT Pearl apartments in particular or Di An city in general possess great potential. worthy choice for many investors.

At this time, many people still will not feel the growth value of Di An area adjacent to Thu Duc City. However, in the next few years, the regional economic axis revolves around the East of Ho Chi Minh City, the real potentials of this location will be revealed.


A series of famous brands converge at the HT Pearl project

After a period of screening, researching and working with famous design units, the investor trusted and selected the design by the famous Kume Design Asia brand. This is a brand associated with many multinational projects. In Vietnam, Kume Design Asia is marked by many high-class and famous projects such as Ecopark Urban Area, Novotel Phu Quoc, Novotel Suites Hanoi, The Best Western Premier Phu Quoc Hotel, Mövenpick Phan Thiet Hotel, Japanese Embassy in Hanoi…

With enthusiasm for the HT Pearl project and the trust of the investor, Mr. Yasuyuki Nakamura - Chairman and CEO of Kume Design Asia, shared: "We have studied about 10 projects in Binh Duong province that have been approved for approval. is going to compete with this project, and finally decided to design for HT Pearl project.In the current market, most apartment investors focus on business performance. In order to sell high-margin products, they have used most of the space for sale but want the least investment possible.This is very difficult for design units to bring comfortable living space. for residents.


HT Pearl strategic partners


With well-known brands such as Toto, Panasonic, Malloca, Jotun, Ariston... With a series of famous brands converging at HT Pearl, this is the HT Pearl project which is expected to start the "revolution" in bringing standards to consumers. High-end standards into affordable apartments.

Legal certainty at HT Pearl

With HT Pearl, customers will feel very confident and feel less anxious than other real estate projects, when HT Pearl has obtained a Construction Permit and is currently completing and handing over apartments in 2023.

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HT Pearl - on high

Coteccons always ensures the construction progress of HT Pearl


Constructed and completed by Grade A contractor CotecCons - the "giant" behind the success of hundreds of iconic projects such as Landmark 81, Time Square Danang, Casino Nam Hoi An... HT Pearl promises will be the new living symbol of the city. Di An, Binh Duong.

1 - Exceptional build quality

With experience in construction of high-rise buildings, CotecCons ensures the construction quality and durability of the building structure firmly over time. HT Pearl uses 100% Tungho steel material - the only steel in Vietnam that is quality controlled without being mixed with radiation that causes cancer.

2 - Eco-friendly: Environmentally friendly

HT Pearl will be the first choice of residents when it is the first project of CotecCons to add standards of application of sustainable development solutions, reduce environmental impact, build green construction sites, "bring bird's nests". back to the buildings".

3 - Advanced construction techniques

CotecCons' advanced construction techniques create safety for the building under construction and peace of mind for the owner as well as minimize the impact on neighboring works.

4 - Always ensure the correct construction schedule.

With a strong financial foundation, outstanding operating system, projects constructed by Coteccons always reach the finish line on schedule. HT Pearl is rushing to build a Japanese standard home for elite owners, it is expected that the project will be completed and put into operation in the second quarter of 2023.

HT Pearl is filled with the enthusiasm of the investor and contractor CotecCons, together with project development partners, to create a balanced and happy life according to the Japanese IKIGAI philosophy for the community of knowledge residents. A brilliant future is slowly being revealed, future owners ready?

Update the progress of the HT-Pearl project in April 2023, about to hand over the house

Thuan Hung Real Estate updates to customers the construction progress of the Japanese standard apartment project adjacent to the National University city of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. With the close construction supervision of the prestigious contractor Coteccons, the HT Pearl project is progressing on schedule as committed to customers.
As of April 2023, the construction progress of the HT Pearl project has been topped out, completed and received in the third quarter of 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Has the HT Pearl project been open for sale yet? What is the expected selling price?

HT Pearl is open for sale in April 2023, with many extremely preferential policies, currently we are receiving a priority deposit to choose a beautiful location with VND 50,000,000/booking.

Unit price is only from 32 - 34 million/m2:

  • 1 bedroom apartment with an area of 45.74m2: price about 1.7 billion won;
  • Apartment 1+ bedroom area 55.82m2: price about 2.1 billion won;
  • 2-bedroom apartment with area from 68 - 73m2: price is about 2.4 billion - 2.6 billion VND;
  • 3-bedroom apartment with an area of 88.89m2: price about 3.1 billion won
Reasons to convince customers to buy HT Pearl project?
  • Location at the gateway of Thu Duc City, convenient to connect Pham Van Dong street, only 5 minutes by motorbike;
  • Designed by an architect with many years of experience in a famous design unit - Kume Design Asian from Japan;
  • High-class handover materials come from big brands such as: Toto, Teka, Vinh Tuong,...
  • Guaranteed construction progress by Vietinbank, Hoa Binh general contractor, body construction - Coteccons;
  • More than 30+ full-fledged internal utilities, and a system of external utilities are available within a radius of 3km;
  • Full legal compliance with the current real estate business law: got a Construction Permit, approved to allow capital mobilization for future housing, customers pay 30% immediately sign the sale contract;
  • Competitive sales policy, discount up to ~5%, and policy of interest rate support and grace period of principal until receiving home when customers need a bank loan;
  • For many other reasons, contact a consultant right away 0911 525454 for the best advice.
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