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Real Estate Knowledge 2023 | If you have a need for advice, join us, accumulate experience in this field, please call our team directly with more than 12 years of doing projects from land plots, townhouses, villas, apartments. In Vietnam, you will get a lot of useful information before choosing the right project.

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We, Thuan Hung Real Estate Business Joint Stock Company, abbreviated as Thuan Hung Group, was established by founding shareholders with years of experience in the fields of real estate, banking, and legal. As an enterprise operating professionally in the field of real estate business, real estate services business, real estate legal consulting services, investment cooperation and project development.


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CEO - CCO - Sales corner | Knowledge of BDS

Through years of fighting in the real estate market, mainly in the southern region of the country. We, recognize that when we share our expertise together, when we work together, when we go together… ==> Then we will go further and firmly on the road. the path we choose. 

"Going alone is very fast, but together, you can go far"

Knowledge for Real Estate Sales mainly in 2023

2023 will be a prosperous year for Real Estate in the City in particular and the country in general. With many real estate projects, apartments and land plots, townhouses were formed. Therefore, 2023 will be a year of fierce competition in terms of customer search. And the following basic articles will help you sales find customers in the easiest way

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Society is developing more and more, the needs of people therefore also increase a lot compared to before. When a customer goes shopping, they...
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What is an apartment? Everything you need to know about buying and selling this Real Estate segment.

An apartment building is a building with 2 floors or more, with many apartments, with common walkways and stairs, with private ownership, part owned...
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Sales of Real Estate: Customer consulting skills at the table (operator)

Sa Table (SB) is truly an effective assistant to help CVTV's consulting become perfect, making a great contribution to customers in Booking...
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4 'golden' principles of safe and fast real estate investment

In the midst of the "confusion" of the real estate market, experts state investment principles to ensure safety for investors. France...
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The "customer care processes after the sale", the answers for Sales staff, Enterprises...

Before selling is very difficult, but after selling to customers is even more difficult, if we do not have a care process...
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Real estate solutions in 2023: Opportunities and challenges!

The real estate industry will face a number of challenges that will also open up many opportunities in the coming year. Here are 8 aspects...
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There are a few simple ways to help you develop your Real Estate career in this vast market..

If you want to develop a career in real estate, you must accept challenges to achieve success. There are several ways...
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Your career success, it is indispensable for the following relationships!

The following relationships can greatly impact your promotion, even taking you out of your comfort zone to grow more. There are 5...
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What factors help you become a broker for the super-rich to buy branded real estate?

In Vietnam, Real Estate Brand (International Luxury) has appeared in our two big cities, through three projects...
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Online sales technology is inevitable and during the epidemic season it is even more effective for real estate brokers

According to our research and experience, in order to effectively use the "power" of online channels to sell products, brokers need information...
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