King Crown Park is the third project of Bamboo Capital Group with its famous King Crown brand line in Ho Chi Minh City area, after successfully implementing projects such as: King Crown Village, King Crown Infinity.. ...Orientation King Crown will be the Group's high-end Real Estate brand chain. It is not obvious that King Crown Park will be the second most luxurious apartment complex in West Saigon in the future. It is known that the King Crown Park project is located in Binh Tan District, Saigon West Area (dubbed as the Hong Kong sub of Ho Chi Minh City)..

King Crown Park - Design


King Crown Park - Utilities..
 Name of project  King Crown Park
 Location  Binh Tan District, HCMC
 Investor  Bamboo Capital Group
 Construction contractor  Updating
 Design unit  Updating
 total area  Updating
 Building density  Updating
 Scale  Updating
 Juridical  Updating
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It can be said that there is hardly any project with a beautiful location like King Crown Park, Kinh Duong Vuong Street is a big road connecting the Western region and even the Western provinces with the Center of the City, all areas. If you want to enter the city center, you have to go through this road.

Kinh Duong Vuong Street has now been expanded by the state into an boulevard with a width of more than 60m, and is raised quite high, no longer flooded in the rainy season and the asphalt surface is designed according to international standards. It is considered to be the most beautiful and largest road connecting the West area with the city center.

In addition, if you want to move faster to the east without having to go through the city center, you can choose to go by National Highway 1A or Vo Van Kiet Avenue, these are 2 arterial roads and are extremely convenient. so you can move quickly through the city center


Oriented as high-end apartments following the King Crown project chain of the whole Group, King Crown Park reaches out to the heart of the West Zone with the only luxury segment in the area, all apartments have 100% view. wind and light, this is rarely the project has (because of the factor of limited land fund). That, further proves the strong financial potential of King Crown Park Investor when building the project.

In addition to the view-oriented element, King Crown Park also captures the customer's psychology when handing over the basic high-class furniture. Having made the King Crown brand throughout the City, with its unique designs and meticulous wholesale.. Kinh Crown Park will capture the hearts of customers when living here.

The interior equipment will be fully updated, when customers are consulted directly by experts...


Coming to King Crown Park, residents will embrace all 50+ full utilities of the whole city in miniature right in the project, this is the advantage of the luxury apartment line. Because most of the apartment segments differ in what brand Owner and Utility are available in that Apartment.

By default, when staying at King Crown Park, residents will fully enjoy the following high-class facilities:

  • Pool,
  • Green Park,
  • Kindergarten,
  • BBQ Garden,
  • yoga yard,
  • health care service,
  • Gym room,
  • Spas,
  • Mini supermarket,
  • Trade Center,
  • Shophouse….


Located close to major roads such as Kinh Duong Vuong, Vo Van Kiet, An Duong Vuong, etc., making the connection from the project more convenient to neighboring districts such as: Tan Phu District, District 6, District 6 8 and some areas in the city center.

In addition, thanks to its location near Mien Tay bus station and National Highway 1A, from the project, residents can easily connect to the southwestern provinces.

As we mentioned above, high-class apartment buildings King Crown Park Binh Tan is located near Rocket area with many existing facilities. In addition, the project is located near the high-tech medical area of the investor Hoa Lap and only a few minutes away to access outstanding utilities such as:

  • Commercial, shopping and entertainment center: Aeon Mall Binh Tan, Big C An Lac, Coopmart, Galaxy Kinh Duong Vuong,...
  • Education system: public schools, international schools, etc.
  • Health care system: hospital in high-tech medical area: City Trieu An International Hospital, ...
  • Phu Lam Park, Binh Tan Park,…

Limited location of King Crown Park project,

Being located right in front of the main road is both beneficial and harmful to the project. Low-rise apartments will be affected by the noise of large traffic on the road. However, according to the plan, the low-rise area is mainly shophouse and officetel, so your living space will not be affected too much by noise.

King Crown Park - Suburbs


According to King Crown Park over the years, the real estate market in the West has had sustainable development, the price is in line with the market demand and especially has not grown as "hot" as the market in the East. With the largest population advantage in Ho Chi Minh City, the real demand is high, the apartment prices are reasonable, the infrastructure is neat and the supply of products is not much... The West Real Estate Area 2021 still has many opportunities for investors. .


Real demand is high, with the largest population

The population is large, while the products to the market are few, the demand for buying houses to stay is large, leading to the real estate prices in the West of Ho Chi Minh City (District 6, District 8, District Binh Tan, Tan Phuc District, part of Binh Chanh district…) has price fluctuations across most segments. However, compared with the East and the South of Ho Chi Minh City, the rate of increase in real estate prices in the West is stable and sustainable over time, there is no erratic rise or fall. That is also the reason, many real buyers in this area have very good access to real housing needs. While for investors, the investment cash flow is also sustainable over time.

According to a representative of King Crown Park, if the East area real estate market has had many exciting developments in the past few years, the West area is quite quiet. This situation is reflected in the fact that there are not many projects launched on the market, the prices are also relatively stable, there are no unpredictable fluctuations. The report of the first quarter of 2021 of this unit indicates that it is forecast that about 40,000 apartments will be launched in the Ho Chi Minh City market this year, but most of them are concentrated in Thu Duc city, the West area is almost empty. new project ball. It is worth mentioning that the West area has the largest population in Ho Chi Minh City, the real demand is very large.

The West area has the largest number of residents in Ho Chi Minh City, according to 2019 census data. Binh Tan leads with more than 784,000 people, followed by Binh Chanh with more than 705,000 people, District 8 with 424,000 people, and District 8 with 424,000 people. 6 more than 233,000 people. The population is large and continuously increasing year by year, making the demand for real housing and business premises very high.

“Currently, the population pressure of the central area of Ho Chi Minh City is increasing, causing the city to tend to expand its population to satellite urban areas. The West Zone, as the gateway connecting Ho Chi Minh City and the western provinces, plays an important role in this process,” emphasized King Crown Park.

The price of apartments in the West area is still affordable

Perhaps this is the area with the softest real estate compared to other areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Stemming from this reason, over the years, the cash flow of real home buyers and investors has concentrated in this area. The price sustainability makes the liquidity of projects in the West area quite good.

The survey shows that, currently, the average price of apartments in the area of Binh Tan District is about 30 million VND/m2. With projects that are about to be handed over, a good level of interest from the market has been recorded. For example, the Akari City project of investor Nam Long (Vo Van Kiet Street, Binh Tan District) is currently trading apartments on the secondary market with prices from 35 to 43 million VND/m2, the apartments are large area over 100m2, the secondary price is about 35 million VND/m2. This is considered a soft, "rare" price on the busy Vo Van Kiet street. Besides the affordable price, because the project is about to be handed over, it has received great attention from real housing demand.

While in the inner streets such as Kinh Duong Vuong, Huong Lo 2, Nguyen Cuu Phu ... the price of secondary apartments also ranges from about 27-41 million VND/m2. For example, the price of Moonlight Boulevard project being sold secondary is about 36 - 41 million VND/m2; The selling price of Imperial Place is about 30-35 million VND/m2; The selling price of Tecco Town (Nguyen Cuu Phu Street, Tan Tao A Ward) is about 30 million VND/m2….

In the area of District 6, the secondary price level is slightly higher. The projects here are offering prices ranging from about 38-60 million VND/m2. For example, the selling price of D-Homme project (Hong Bang street) is from 60-68 million VND/m2; Selling price of Saigon Asiana (Nguyen Van Luong street) from 46 to 56 million VND/m2; The selling price of Asiana Capella (Tran Van Kieu street) is from 38 to 43 million VND/m2..These projects are about 5 minutes by car from King Crown Park.


West Saigon compared with East?

So to see, if compared to the East area of Ho Chi Minh City, the price of apartments in the West area is much more comfortable. With a price of 30-40 million VND/m2, it is almost "extinct" in the South and East areas at the present time. While on the secondary market in some streets of the West, this price is still available, proving that the real demand problem has been solved very well in this area. When the real demand for housing increases, it means that the investment demand will be stable and sustainable over time. It is always easier to buy, resell or rent in a crowded market with great real demand.

It can be said that according to King Crown Park, the East area of Ho Chi Minh City since receiving positive information about city planning and infrastructure, real estate prices here have increased rapidly. In the blink of an eye, many people lose the opportunity to own a home because the price of real estate is much higher than their income. On the contrary, the price of real estate in the West increased steadily, although it did not grow too hot, the profit margin that investors received was about 15-25%/year, which is also considered a level worth investing in.

According to King Crown Park, with a price of 30-40 million VND/m2 for an apartment in the West area is the price that real buyers feel "comfortable". In the context that apartment prices in many other areas are said to be "stunner" to many people, this price threshold is considered quite "soft" for many investors when they look at the long-term development potential of the area. West of Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, real estate prices in Thu Duc city are increasing rapidly. The asking price of apartments here has increased by an average of 45% compared to 2018 (the King Crown Infinity line has increased to 84 million/m2, which is the project that came before King Crown Park). This uptrend is expected to continue. Therefore, many investors as well as home buyers are looking to move to less expensive areas.


Well-invested infrastructure

If compared objectively, the infrastructure in the West is still relatively slow compared to the rest of the areas. Only the part adjacent to the South area where Phu My Hung urban area is present can receive some additional infrastructure advantages. Therefore, the West area does not have too much "leverage" to make the real estate market more exciting.

However, this place is being focused on investing trillions of dong to change the urban face. Therefore, it can be seen that the infrastructure of King Crown Park - the West area is in the emerging stage. That is also the reason why real estate prices increase stably and sustainably instead of being "hot" like other areas. The survey showed that the West area of Ho Chi Minh City began to attract investors with many large projects being developed.

From King Crown Park, besides the roads that are playing the key role of "carrying" the regional connection such as: National Highway 1A; Highway 22; HCMC - Trung Luong expressway; National Highway 50; Vo Van Kiet Street; Nguyen Van Linh and other inter-provincial roads, the West area of Ho Chi Minh City will open. At the same time, renewing many strategic routes of the region such as: upgrading 7 routes connecting Long An - Ho Chi Minh City with a total estimated cost of 24,400 billion VND; an additional 4,300 billion VND for the construction of the dynamic axis parallel to National Highway 50. Extending Vo Van Kiet Boulevard to connect directly with Long An for inter-regional traffic in the West and Southeast.

According to King Crown Park, currently, the transport infrastructure of the West area includes a number of key projects, playing an important role in linking with the city center and inter-region such as Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, National Highway 1A, high Ben Luc - Long Thanh expressway... Real estate prices in many areas in the West have not "followed" the metro lines, continuing to remain stable while still being able to find apartments for about 40 million VND/m2, even lower. That is considered the advantage of this market.

According to King Crown Park, although there has not been a worthy investment in infrastructure, a number of trade arteries such as Vo Van Kiet Street have been and are making an important contribution to traffic activities as well as creating a transformation. actively improve the lives of people in many districts. Therefore, apartment projects along this route will inherit all of the above benefits, create great attraction for people with real housing needs and investors, and continue to increase in value.

“In a market that has not yet formed clearly like the West, investors will earn more profits, the profit growth rate will definitely be higher than in the developed markets before. It can even increase 2-5 times when the project takes shape. And in the area where there are too many investors, the profit will certainly not be equal to the potential markets in the future”, emphasized King Crown Park.

According to King Crown Park, many individual investors are now starting to pay attention to the market in the West of Ho Chi Minh City. The reason is, the cost of investment is lower than in the East. For investors with financial capacity, it is very feasible to hold assets to wait for development opportunities in this market.


King Crown Park - Investor

BCG Land Joint Stock Company was established in 2018, is a member of Bamboo Capital Group (BCG).

BCG is one of the leading multi-industry investment groups in Vietnam with more than 30 member companies and associates, and is a pioneer in the application of renewable energy in real estate projects.

BCG Land is focusing on investing in the luxury resort real estate segment in prime locations across the country. Inheriting the success and strong financial potential of the parent company along with an experienced management team from different countries around the world, BCG Land has been affirming its position and reputation. in the real estate market in Vietnam.



As a professional real estate developer, BCG Land always strives to build trust and bring real value to customers, partners and shareholders. With prestige as a top priority, we have been trying to create sustainable value in each project, while reshaping the future lifestyle.

Oriented to the group's high-end apartment segment with a product line in Ho Chi Minh City named King Crown: King Crown Village, King Crown Infinity, King Crown City, King Crown Park....


Hotline/Zalo : 0911 525454

Address: Front of Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Binh Tan District, HCMC

Source : Binh Tan apartment

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