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The luxury apartment complex Lumiere Boulevard is the 4th real estate project of Masterise Group (Masterise Group) in the East Saigon area. Notably, the Lumiere Boulevard project is located right in front of Nguyen Xien, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

LUMIÈRE boulevar is the fruit of a collaborative development between Masterise Homes and world-class partners from the UK, Australia and the US. The project is the first project in Vietnam designed in the unique 'Leafscape' architectural style, creating a new standard for a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.

Lumiere Boulevard Masterise

Investment potential and settlement at Lumiere Boulevard project

In mid-2022, international real estate developer Masterise Homes offers many incentives for customers who want to own high-end apartments at the project.

Welcoming the development momentum of Thu Duc city

Batdongsan's report shows that Thu Duc city's economy is estimated at 452,700 billion VND. It is forecasted that there will be about 50,000 immigrants in 2025, doubling after 20 years, leading to a constantly increasing housing demand.

Recognizing the real estate situation in Thu Duc City at the beginning of March 2022, the real estate price level has increased by 10 - 15% depending on the location compared to the time before Tet. Dr. Su Ngoc Khuong - Senior Director of Savills Vietnam said that house prices in Thu Duc recorded a much higher level than before due to many factors. In particular, the establishment of a "city within a city" has led to an increase in the level of investment and budget in technical, social and transportation infrastructure.

In addition, the 800,000 billion VND package submitted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment to the Government as part of the program of economic recovery and development after Covid-19, is expected to be pumped to the market in the near future. The increase in production costs combined with the support package from the government has led to the fact that investors are quickly looking for projects to stay safe, people want to find housing soon before inflation skyrockets.


Project Lumiere Boulevard District 9


Among many real estate segments in Thu Duc City, the healthcare-oriented segment is being most interested by homebuyers.

Specifically, according to Batdongsan's "Vietnam Real Estate Consumer Psychology 2022" report, up to 61% respondents said they wanted to own real estate with green space and garden. 45% is looking to move out of the city center to a less crowded area. The top factors that buyers look for are: a play area, a learning area for children, lots of green space, full of utilities so that you don't have to go far, civilized community, convenient transportation. public communication. Therefore, housing projects in the area of Thu Duc City, if these criteria are met, are highly sought after by investors and customers.


Lumiere Boulevard - Belt 3


The world-class Lumiere Boulevard compound in Thu Duc City

In the colorful picture of Thu Duc real estate, Lumiere Boulevard is attracting many home buyers. The apartments have a wide view, overlooking the Dong Nai and Tac rivers, and a panoramic view of the artificial white sand lake located in a 36-hectare park. Residents will have a sophisticated living space from the surrounding landscape to the view, both helping to enhance physical health and improve mental health.

Located in the heart of Thu Duc city, with convenient traffic connections to the city's central districts, near the metro line, near industrial parks, schools, international hospitals..., Lumiere Boulevard is expected Bring convenience to the door for residents here with internal facilities and general utilities of the large Vinhomes Grand Park urban area.

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Lumiere Boulevard impresses with delicate C-shaped frames, and glass doors with ceiling height, bringing elegance and airy space to each apartment.

Lumiere Boulevard gives priority to 70% for green space so that people can live in harmony with nature, opening a peaceful and relaxing living space. This is a generous construction rate of the investor aimed at improving the physical and mental health of future residents.

Lumiere Boulevard is developed by Masterise Homes, an international real estate developer marked with a series of high-end real estate projects such as Grand Marina Saigon in District 1, Ritz Carlton Hanoi apartment project near Hoan Kiem Lake, and a row of shopping malls. A series of luxury real estate projects such as Lumiere Riverside, The Global City... This real estate developer has cooperated with the world's leading design and construction units such as: Tange Associates (Japan), HBA (USA), Land Sculptor studio (Thailand)... to create a work of exquisite beauty and high quality of life right in the heart of Thu Duc creative city.

Project scale Lumiere Boulevard District 9

 Investor  Masterise Group
 Location  Front of Nguyen Xien, District 9, City. Thu Duc, HCMC ( East Saigon area )
 Name of project  Lumiere Boulevard
 total area  33,672 m²
 Scale Lumiere Boulevard
  • 5 blocks from 22 to 30 floors high
  • Number of apartments: 2422 units
  • Area: 50 - 140 m2
 Building density 27,9%
 Juridical Fully legal, 2023 receive home
 House ownership certificate
  • Long-term ownership with Vietnamese people
  • Owning 50 years with Foreigners
 Quality  Branded apartment Lumiere Boulevard
 Product  Apartment, Duplex, Penhouse, Shophouse.
Lumiere Boulevard

Location of Apartment Lumiere Boulevard TP. Thu Duc

The Lumiere Boulevard project stands out with its perfect location right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Total area of the apartment building on the land fund of Vinhomes Central Park urban area, Long Thanh My ward, District 9, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City. With this location, residents inherit many key routes with poetic and lyrical riverside scenery. In addition, with a city with outstanding economic development, residents in the area receive modern facilities, dynamic living space and integration from all over the world.

Design floor

Lumiere Boulevard consists of 5 apartment buildings, with the design inspiration of each building being a separate architectural symbol that harmonizes with nature, bringing the characteristic breath of each type of tree and flower into the name & design: the building. A (Angelica), B (Banyan), C (Camellia), D (Daisy), E (Erica).

Lumiere Boulevard has a variety of products (apartments from 1-3 bedrooms; Duplex; Penhouse, Shophouse), along with a variety of areas from 50 - 99 m² to suit the needs of each customer.

Project Utilities Lumiere Boulevard

Arriving at Lumiere Boulevard is setting foot on a peaceful green oasis, giving residents a quiet moment after the busy city life. Unique wellness facilities are designed in harmony in a green space to preserve and maintain the healthy values of an organic lifestyle. Combined with the podium including office and commercial area, Lumiere Boulevard is a destination that meets all the Living - Working - Relaxing needs of not only residents but also the intelligentsia and neighboring communities, creating create a miniature Thao Dien right in the heart of the project.

Luxury Lumiere Boulevard


Logo Masterise Homes

Masterise Homes is an investor that has made a big impression in the real estate market in the luxury segment. Masterise Home's projects all stretch from the South to the North and make a great impression on real estate lovers. So what is the potential behind Masterise Homes and specifically what projects does this investor have outstanding:

  • Completed: Masteri An Phu, Masteri Thao Dien, Millennium, M-One Gia Dinh, M-One South Saigon.
  • Ongoing: The Rivus, The Grand Hanoi, Grand Marina Saigon, Masteri Center Point, Masteri West Heights, Masteri Waterfront, Lumière Riverside, The Global City.

Selling price and sales policy

The selling price of the Lumiere Boulevard project announced by Masterise Homes at the project kickoff ceremony on May 27, 2022 is about VND 50 million/m² excluding VAT, the price structure is as follows, the price does not include VAT:

  • Tower A: from 50 to 60 million VND/m² , handing over the basic completed apartment;
  • Tower E: from 53 to 68 million VND/m, handing over the apartment with basic finishing touches;
  • Tower B: from 53.5 to 77.5 million VND/m, handing over the apartment with basic finishing touches.

Sales policy: Currently, Masterise Homes investor is opening a booking system with the amount of VND 50,000,000/booking, the amount will be transferred directly to Masterise Homes' account. Especially, if the project is opened for sale, but customers do not buy, the investor will immediately pay VND 3,500,000/booking without transaction.

Special sales policy only at Lumiere Boulevard:

  • Support 100% with interest rate up to 30 months, grace loan principal 48 months;
  • Discount 4% when customers pay according to the schedule;
  • 10% discount when customers choose fast payment method;
  • Immediately give 3 years of management fee, counting from the notice of handing over the apartment;
  • And many other preferential policies, details You can see the text by clicking the button below.

Opening Ceremony LUMIÈRE Boulevard

Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony
Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony
Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony
Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony
Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony
Lumiere Boulevard - Opening ceremony

Model House LUMIÈRE Boulevard

Lumiere Boulevard model house
Lumiere Boulevard model house
Lumiere Boulevard model house
Lumiere Boulevard model house

Progress 04/2023 LUMIÈRE Boulevard project is about to be handed over

International real estate developer Masterise Homes, along with its Global partners, is keeping up with its commitment to homebuyers and investors to bring future residents the leading 3D green architectural living space. City. Ho Chi Minh.


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