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Before selling the goods, it was very difficult, but after selling to customers, it is even more difficult, if we do not have a thorough customer care (after-sales) process, so would like to share 5 customer care processes after the sale in the clearest and most complete way from real estate experience, as well as collecting information on the DNPR field…


5 Basic Process

1. Send a thank-you letter to a customer after purchasing a product/service

Sending a thank you letter is one of the traditional forms of customer care that still retains its place in the digital age. In addition to showing respect to customers, this action is also a premise to launch the next steps in the post-purchase customer care process.

Depending on the product and line of business you're in, thank you letters can be sent either handwritten or emailed. Often, customers will receive handwritten letters with more positive emotions than emails, because they show the brand's enthusiasm for consumers. However, if you value agility and want to save money, the option of sending a thank you email is also an acceptable option.

2. Regain customer feedback after experiencing the product

Actively contacting again to survey about the customer's experience with the product you are providing is also an indispensable step in the post-purchase customer care process. This activity is completely non-commercial and advertising, but only acts as a gesture to show the brand's thoughtful attention to consumers.

Depending on the product requirements, you can contact the customer in different time. For example, essential goods for daily use, you can call customers immediately after selling to see if they have questions or problems with the company's products to get the necessary instructions.

If it is a product, service, or technology (it takes a long time to experience),…you can contact them again after one to two months to inquire and record feedback, difficulties when experiencing.

Note, this activity must be conducted with honesty and integrity. Customer feedback is an important source of data to help businesses investigate customer satisfaction and aspirations to improve the quality of their products/services.

For example, when using the Grab app, after experiencing the trip, your driver often asks you to give them a star rating. This is also a way for businesses and drivers to know how satisfied customers are with their services.

3. Maintain the exchange of information and provide useful content to customers

Contrary to purely non-commercial feedback gathering, staying in touch with customers is a strategic card to boost your business.

By providing valuable information in a variety of mediums, from blog posts to videos to podcasts, you'll capture the attention of your customers and become their top-of-mind unit when searching. Find a product and service.

To succeed in this step, businesses need to build a content marketing team with a long-term operational strategy. The content that this team builds and sends to customers will serve to nurture customers and indirectly convince them to buy the product. Specifically, 80% content should focus on answering pain points, consumer questions, only the remaining 20% deals with products and sales.

In the world, there are many famous businesses that have been applying the strategy and are extremely successful. The most famous of them can be mentioned Hubspot. To promote and sell its sales and marketing support software, this startup has been very strong in building and delivering content to customers. Hubspot Academy, which specializes in the company's free sales and marketing courses, has also become famous and valuable for academic reference.

This strategy has partly contributed to the company's prosperous growth, as Hubspot is now a leading technology unicorn, with annual revenue in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

4. Provide fast and attentive customer support service

Customers are rarely the ones who take the initiative to contact the brand, except in cases where they have problems using and experiencing the product/service. Their common mentality in this situation is to need the most quick and specific support. If you don't meet this need, customers are more likely to get angry and distrust your brand.

Therefore, in the post-purchase customer care process, you must build a "combat friendly" customer care support team, ready to receive complaints and thoroughly resolve complaints anytime, anywhere. . At the same time, you also need to expand your support channels and means so that consumers can reach them easily. Make sure their experience of being cared for is like a true "god".

Mobile World (TGDD) is a bright name when it comes to effective post-purchase customer support services. The largest phone retailer in Vietnam today has a powerful call center system that is always available 24/7 to answer customers' questions. Even, all customer problems are stored by them on the purchase history identifier system, so the next time support is needed, the user experience will be smoother and faster.

Not only that, with a team of skilled technicians, customers can perform other warranty and after-sales activities directly at TGDD's store, instead of having to go to a service center. This will save a lot of time and effort of users, when the number of current service centers is not much, along with their process is also extremely cumbersome and troublesome.

5. Pre-promote new product information, provide incentives to loyal customers

Pre-promoting new product information to existing customers is a smart move to help build loyalty from this group of people. They are a guarantee that the brand always pays special attention and respect to its old customers, giving them exclusive information that is not accessible to regular customers.

In addition to the exclusive flow of information, send your loyal customers special offers related (or not) to the product. All users love to receive incentives, so in addition to strengthening customer relationships, they are also a very simple and effective way to stimulate demand.

When customers feel they are receiving special offers, they also feel more special to the brand. Going beyond the boundaries of the product, of the seller-buyer relationship, the customer will experience a much closer relationship with the brand.

Nike sportswear empire is doing a great job with this step with its NikePlus Unlocks app. The company's dedicated app for loyal customers is customized to provide the most relevant information and services to its users. In addition to accessing and purchasing new products prior to launch, customers also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events with Nike athletes through the app.

Perhaps this excellent after-sales service is perfect, so despite encountering many controversies related to product quality, Nike, along with its large number of customers, has still maintained its position. That is the biggest man in the world sportswear village.

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