Cen Group – Cen Land

Cen Land – Associated with the development of Cen Group are breakthrough events and business strategies, pioneering in the real estate business such as:

Being the first enterprise in Hanoi to buy franchise rights from the world's leading real estate group in the US (CENDANT Corporation). From a business providing only brokerage services, it has become a full service provider from investment, exploitation, rental and sublease, consulting, marketing and real estate appraisal.

Cengroup - Century Group Joint Stock Company

Cen Group - the leading real estate business in Vietnam

– Being the first company in Vietnam to provide free brokerage services for real estate tenants. The first member of Cen Group is Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (CenLand). As of October 2018, CenGroup has more than 1,220,000 loyal customers; more than 2,000 full-time employees; 800 Agencies; more than 76,000 real estate transactions; 5 member companies with branches and offices nationwide and internationally.

Cen Group has member companies, operating in the fields of:

  • Professional secondary real estate distribution and investment;
  • Investment, cooperation in investment and development of real estate;
  • Media consulting and marketing package;
  • Developing a network of Authorized Agents, Real Estate Expert Mentor;
  • General contractor of finishing materials;
  • Provide property valuation services;
  • The leading golf service provider in Vietnam.

Some legal information Cen Group Company

Business name: Century Group Joint Stock Company

 Type of activity  Joint Stock Company
 Tax code  0104556472
 Address  No. 137 Nguyen Ngoc Vu Street, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
 Legal representative  Nguyen Trung Vu
 License date  23/03/2010
 Operation day  01/12/2001

In addition, CenGroup also invests in many other fields such as: Agriculture; Medical; Fashion;… CenGroup is also an enterprise that focuses on social and community activities. CenGroup established a charity fund called Action Fund for Compassion - operating since October 2016. As of January 2019, the Action Fund for Compassion has carried out more than 30 large and small programs, supporting nearly 6,000 cases across the country.

Member companies of CenGroup

Century Investment Joint Stock Company, Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Century Valuation Joint Stock Company, New Star Media and Entertainment Joint Stock Company, Cen Dong Da Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Company Cen Saigon Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Real Estate Training and Consulting Center.

In which, Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company - Cenland for short, is the leading real estate distributor in Vietnam. 

Some legal information Cenland Company

Business name: Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company

 Type of activity  Joint Stock Company
 Tax code  0101160306
 Address  No. 82 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
 Legal representative  Nguyen Tho Tuyen
 License date  01/12/2001
 Operation day  01/12/2001

CenLand "breakthrough" in real estate secondary investment

In the report announcing business results for the first 9 months of 2019, Century Real Estate JSC (CenLand, HoSE: CRE) recorded an increase in revenue of 85% over the same period in 2018, reaching VND 1,613 billion. In which, the income from real estate investment fluctuated the most, increasing 22 times and contributed 40% to the structure, instead of 3% as in the third quarter of 2018.

The above change is the result of the orientation to promote participation in secondary real estate that CenLand has planned since listing HoSE. In 2018, this enterprise has invested in projects in many localities across the country such as: Bac Ninh Lotus Garden project, The Central Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong Viet Kieu Village, etc. By the third quarter of this year, the company began to record receive revenue from these projects.

Financial potential – the platform to enter the secondary market 

Unlike real estate brokerage, secondary investment requires businesses with large capital to join the investor or buy a "full lot" of a part of a project, before distributing it to the market. Secondary investors like CenLand need a stable financial foundation with an abundant amount of capital as a foundation to pour into projects, while still ensuring other activities on the one hand.  

By the end of September, CenLand's total capital was nearly 2,682 billion VND, 15% higher than the beginning of the year. The company only borrowed 130 billion dong of financial debt, accounting for less than 5% structure. Most of the resources are equity of more than 1,788 billion VND. In which, undistributed profit after tax is more than VND 692 billion, in addition to a share capital surplus of VND 150 billion. 

 Charter capital reached 800 billion dong, up from 500 billion dong at the beginning of the year, after the company paid stock dividends at the rate of 15% and bonus shares at the rate of 45%. 

Currently, in CenLand's warehouse, there are more than 100 projects eligible for sale, so this unit's project portfolio is the largest in the market and the amount of goods that can be sold is also the largest.

The operation of the HCM office is also interested in development and the results in the past time have also prospered from only accounting for 22% transactions nationwide to 26%, warehouses in HCM are also very abundant for the whole year of 2019. and 2020 include not only projects in HCM but also projects in Binh Duong, Can Tho, etc. 

Strong sales force and technology "leverage"

Currently, CenLand's system has 10,000 brokers from the STDA system of real estate project supermarkets, and a system of nearly 500 affiliated floors, authorized agents, ... of CenHomes. This unit still continues to implement the strategy of expanding the business scale, recruiting sales specialists and associated floor units to jointly distribute the rich inventory available. 

CenHomes (Cen Group) is a pioneering real estate technology platform in Vietnam. Cenhomes.vn allows users to search for projects, look at details about space, location ... and also equip online transaction tools such as checking apartment, deposit, payment ...

With more than 400 listed projects including some exclusively distributed such as Golden Hills, Six Miles Coast Resort..., customers can directly view the progress of the sale and check the remaining apartments to buy on Cenhomes, order online. line to “reserve your seat”.  

Recently, this platform launched a valuation feature, helping users to approximate real estate prices by combining artificial intelligence (AI), market data and advice from CenValue experts. – Century Valuation Joint Stock Company – Another member of Cengroup. 

Although just launched, CenLand (Cen Group) expects that in 2019, CenHomes will contribute 20 million USD in revenue to the company, becoming the largest real estate technology (proptech) platform in Vietnam with a profit. .

Market Experience and Industry Ecosystem 

Sharing at the investor meeting, announcing the development orientation strategy before going public, Mr. Pham Thanh Hung, Vice Chairman of CenLand's Board of Directors once said that secondary real estate investment is an inevitable step. helping the company gain greater profits and be more proactive in selling real estate products. 

Cen Group With more than 18 years in the market, the leading real estate brokerage company in the North has built a combined ecosystem thanks to its distinct orientation from the very beginning. Instead of just standing as a mere broker, the company has covered the industry value chain, including market research, marketing consulting, and communication with New Star Joint Stock Company (RSM), a company specializing in this field. valuation, real estate research CenValue, investment and project development company CenInvest, etc. This allows the company to grasp market trends and customer tastes, factors that ensure the viability of the market. consumption and liquidity of the project when participating in secondary investment. 

All of the above factors help CenLand build the strongest sales team in the market.

This business dares to accept distribution and has been successful with projects that have encountered difficulties when investors sold themselves or assigned to other real estate floors. CenLand's brand has been affirmed, creating strength, trust and prestige for investors. 

In 2019, CenLand (Cen Group) continues to receive cult contracts for business development, exclusive distribution from the leading large investors in the market today such as: Bitexco Group, Dabaco Group, Eurowindow Holding, Sunshine Group, … , becomes a trusted partner and the first choice of investors

Real estate projects in 2023

Fiato Premier To Ngoc Van

Fiato Premier apartment complex

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

See more at: https://thuanhunggroup.com/fiato-premier/


Cen Group – Cen Land

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