#1 Progress of real estate projects in 2023

Update the progress of real estate projects in 2023 - 2024 in the area of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) vs neighboring provinces such as Binh Duong, Long An, Dong Nai .... About the segment: Land plots - townhouses - villas - apartments

Update the project progress of Land - Apartment - Townhouse in 2023

The most accurate information and news on real estate projects compiled and provided by Thuan Hung Group's sales department according to each phase of the project.


#1 Progress of real estate projects in 2023


Outstanding apartment projects receiving handover in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong 2023

January 11, 2023

Entering 2023, a series of apartment projects were built after 2 years entering the stage of handing over real apartments, in…

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MT EastMark City - Groundbreaking ceremony of the project 18_12_2021

December 18, 2021: Groundbreaking ceremony for the MT Eastmark City apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc

December 16, 2021

On December 18, the investor Dien Phuc Thanh Construction and Housing Trading Co., Ltd. will hold the ground-breaking ceremony of the MT Eastmark City project at Truong…

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King Crown Infinity - Progress December 2021..

Update progress of King Crown Infinity project - Luxury apartment in Thu Duc city (Vo Van Ngan) May 2022

May 9, 2021

Update progress of King Crown Infinity project continuously every week, month at website to customers interested in apartments, within 18-20 months of construction…

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Opal Boulevard is about to hand over and put into operation the first apartments from the beginning of the second quarter of 2021

Apartment handover in 2021: Opal Boulevard received house from Q2 (Eastern area of Ho Chi Minh City)

February 4, 2021

After nearly 20 months of implementation, the Opal Boulevard project developed by Dat Xanh Group (HOSE: DXG) is completing the final stages to hand over…

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Opal Boulevard - handing over the house

2021 – Booming apartment project in Binh Duong, thousands of apartments are about to be handed over

February 1, 2021

Not only exciting about new supply in the future, but also in Binh Duong market, it is also quite bustling with projects entering the stage…

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LDG SKY - Model House

Progress of LDG SKY apartment project in University Village, Di An, Binh Duong 2021

August 30, 2020

Specializing in information about the progress of LDG Group apartment project about LDG SKY in Binh Nguyen Residential Area, University Village, Di City...

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Opal Skyline - Progress August 2021

Update progress of Opal Skyline Dat Xanh apartment project in Binh Duong September 2021

August 30, 2020

Specializing in updating information about the progress of Dat Xanh Group's Opal Skyline apartment project in Thuan An New City, Binh Duong New…

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Progress of Astral City Phat Dat Binh Duong project

Progress of Astral City project - Phat Dat luxury apartment in Binh Duong in 2020

July 15, 2020

Specializing in updating the construction progress of the Astral City Commercial Center & Luxury Apartment project in Thuan An, Binh Duong of…

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Sunshine Continental's prime progress at the intersection or main road is Thanh Thai and To Hien Thanh - Apartment design-compressed

Sunshine Continental District 10 – Construction progress of the latest apartment project project

December 24, 2019

Progress of Sunshine Continental District 10, regularly updated at website thuanhunggroup.com. We are the official distributor of Sunshine Continental project in front of To…

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West Gate progress - Project plan

West Gate Binh Chanh – Progress of apartment projects from An Gia Group August 2021

December 20, 2019

West Gate Binh Chanh progress 2021 – 2022, regularly updated at website thuanhunggroup.com. We, are the official distributor of the West Gate project…

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