Van Phu – Invest

Van Phu Invest – Formed and developed in 2003 with the predecessor being the Hanoi branch of Quang Ninh Housing Investment and Construction Company, up to now, Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company has become a into a prestigious brand with many large projects in the fields of investment consulting, business, construction and real estate development.

With the orientation throughout "Cooperation - Development - Sustainability", the success of Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company is clearly reflected in the results of activities: designing, constructing many projects, large-scale projects with a total investment of up to tens of thousands of billion dong, implementing many typical projects with great influence, such as Van Phu New Urban Area, The Van Phu Victoria, Home City, Hung Son Villa , Giang Vo Complex,…

Van Phu Invest

Achievements of Van Phu Invest

The company has received many big and small awards, certificates of merit from ministries and branches of Hanoi city, including the BCI ASIA TOP 10 international award for the top 10 real estate developers in each country. Asia region (2011), BCI Asia Awards 2015 – Award for the top 10 real estate developers in Vietnam (2015),…

Not only promoting business development, bringing many benefits to society, Van Phu - Invest also pays special attention to implementing many social activities to support the community.

More than 15 years in Real Estate field

After more than a decade of dedicatedly striving for satisfaction and bringing green utilities and good values to customers' lives, Van Phu - Invest has 10 member units, with a collective consisting of the board of directors. Management and staff always uphold the development of the company along with the development of society, committed to implementing projects based on the customer's point of view and for the customer. We affirm that we will continue to pursue the mission and orientation set forth, promote the traditions and inherent strengths to further enhance the position of the company in the field of real estate.

Some legal information Van Phu Invest Company

Business name: Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock Company

Type of activity  Joint Stock Company
Tax code  0102702590
Address  No. 177, Group 51, Trung Kinh Street, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Legal representative  To Nhu Hoan
License date  02/04/2008
Operation day 02/04/2008

 Projects Implemented

  • Highway 1 BOT project Hanoi - Bac Giang section
  • BT Project of the People's Public Security Technical University of Logistics - Bac Ninh
  • - Van Phu new urban area
  • -The Van Phu – Victoria
  • The Victoria - An Hung commercial and service complex, high-class apartments and low-rise housing
  • Grandeur Palace - Giang Vo project
  • Project of mixed-use commercial and office area 83 Hao Nam.
  • West Lake Hotel Serviced Apartment Project
  • Project BT Public Health University
  • National Highway 1 BT project, connecting route from Pham Van Dong - Go Dua intersection and reciprocal projects

Real estate projects in 2021 - 2022 of Van Phu Invest 

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Van Phu – Invest and challenging new directions

Not only stopping at urban development real estate projects, Van Phu - Invest is continuing to expand its scale, improve its products and boldly enter new challenging business fields, gradually creating new business opportunities. imprint on the map of Vietnam's real estate market

Confident across all segments

Van Phu - Invest is a name frequently mentioned in the real estate market in Vietnam, with a series of projects spanning many segments, from standard (with The Victoria brand as Van Phu New Urban Area - Ha Dong, The Van Phu Victoria building) to the mid-range segment (with The Terra brand such as The Terra - Hao Nam, The Terra - An Hung) to the high-end product line (with the Grandeur Palace brand such as Grandeur Palace). – Giang Vo, Grandeur Palace Pham Hung).

Each segment applies its own business strategy, but Van Phu - Invest's products all have outstanding common advantages such as beautiful location, smart design, diverse utilities, meeting the needs of customers. people. Van Phu - Invest brand in the past 16 years has been built with the reputation of the investor, reflected in the guaranteed construction progress, complete infrastructure system and high quality real estate products. , along with utilities to create sustainability.

Not only at commercial real estate,

Van Phu - Invest has been entering a new segment to meet market needs, making an impression with the Oakwood Residence Ha Noi hotel apartment project, located in the center of West Lake, marking the transformation of the company. Company in the field of investment in high-class serviced apartments for rent.

Although this is not a new type of real estate business, it is considered by investors to be quite attractive and full of potential. Especially when the wave of foreigners come to live and work in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is getting higher and higher, making this segment more and more exciting.

New mark for Vietnam tourist map

Along with the growth of the business, Van Phu Invest not only participates in new fields but also expands the investment area with projects with large land bank located in many provinces such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Hue. , Can Tho…

Prominent among them is the Loc Binh project in Vinh Hien and Loc Binh communes, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue, which is an impressive project of Van Phu - Invest when switching to resort real estate. The project has an investment capital of more than 3,000 billion VND, is a resort with physical development combining entertainment and sports, with international class, with unique architecture and landscape design, close to the city. nature, bringing different experiences to visitors.

Experts also believe that whether it is ahead or behind, when a resort real estate project is guaranteed three factors: good location, new model, outstanding quality, friendly to nature and people. investors will be assured of success. The projects that Van Phu Invest is focusing on research all meet these golden criteria.

Van Phu Invest, stock code VPI,

Considered an enterprise with great financial resources, with total assets of VND 7,891 billion (as of June 30, 2019), equity reached VND 2,478 billion. The enterprise is currently one of the 10 listed real estate companies with the largest capitalization in Vietnam's stock market, at more than 6,600 billion VND (equivalent to more than 280 million USD). In August, the company paid 2018 dividends to shareholders. Accordingly, the ratio of cash dividend this time is 16%, equivalent to 256 billion dong.

This is a company whose stock holds good value, is stable in the market, and investors put a lot of faith in its ability to make a breakthrough. “It is expected that in the near future, VPI will break out of the resistance level 43 and potentially conquer the 50 price area, before approaching 60 in the medium term”, the latest comment of Securities Corporation. BIDV securities on the potential of stocks in the market.

With a rich land fund, stable financial capacity, dedicated staff, respecting credibility, the projects that have been and are being implemented under the brand name of Van Phu Invest are always the focus of the market. When these projects are officially put into operation and handed over, they promise to bring huge revenue for Van Phu - Invest, bringing this business closer to the goal of Top 5 leading real estate developers. Vietnam in the future.

Real estate projects in 2023


Van Phu – Invest

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