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The Global City urban area (DOWNTOWN CITY) is a commercial complex project combining high-class housing areas including: SOHO commercial townhouses at The Global City, villas, Shophouses, luxury apartments... by Masterise Group (Masterise Group) and developed by Masterise Homes. Currently, The Global City project is implementing phase 1 with the luxury apartment subdivision The Global City located in front of Do Xuan Hop - Song Hanh Highway Long Thanh, Dau Giay, District 2, Thu Duc City, HCMC...


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Perspective of The Global City District 2

Project scale Global City City Thu Duc


The largest commercial center in Vietnam at The Global City


Old and new project names SaiGon urban area Binh An - The Global City urban area
Building location Do Xuan Hop facade - Long Thanh Expressway, Dau Giay, Thu Duc City
Investor The Global City: Saigon Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (SDI Corp) (a member of Masterise Group)
Construction unit: Central, An Phong, Delta...
Design unit: British company (Foster and Partner)
Expected distributor: Thuan Hung Real Estate Trading Joint Stock Company
Total planned area 117 hectares
Building density 30%
Subdivision 2 Subdivisions
Building floor height Updating
Total number of products
  • Divided into two areas including a 22-hectare housing area with 193 villas, garden townhouses and 2 apartment blocks with 132 luxury apartments, 8 penthouses; 92-hectare golf complex with spa resorts, 18-hole golf course
Product Type: Apartment, SOHO Townhouse, Villa, Shophouse, Officetel, school, hospital, administration,...
Utilities inside The Global City
  • More than 100+ utilities are built for high-class life such as Trade Center, commercial ground floor - Shophouse, school, overflowing swimming pool, cinema, kindergarten, children's play area, gym, road walking around the area…
Ownership: Long term, foreigners own 50 years


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Location of urban area District 2

The Global City urban area is located in the center of An Phu ward, District 2, which is the area being invested by the City People's Committee to develop the most strongly in the East. This area is both spacious with many key traffic routes, and near the Saigon River and existing green flora, so it is very convenient to move, the air is fresh and cool.

Location of The Global City Thu Duc project

According to the plan,

Urban area of more than 117.4 hectares The Global City is within the following limits:

With a convenient regional linkage system and located in the leading developing area of Ho Chi Minh City in terms of traffic, physical infrastructure, etc., if you invest in real estate products at The Global City (Him Lam Binh An), District 2), the potential for profit is extremely high. It is expected that in this area in the near future, the price increase may increase from 10% – 30%.

  • 4 minutes to the center of District 2.
  • 5 minutes to Samsung Hi-Tech Park via Lien Phuong - Vo Chi Cong street.
  • 10 minutes to District 1 via Expressway or Song Hanh.
  • 15 minutes to District 7 via Vo Chi Cong Boulevard - Phu My Bridge…
The Global City - Specific Location (1)
  1. Do Xuan Hop Street: East direction
  2. Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway and 15 ha Resettlement Area: South direction
  3. Saigon Sports City project: to the west
  4. Rach Chiec River: North direction
The Global City - Perspective

Premium sync utility

As a modern ecological complex, with 2 main functional subdivisions including housing and golf and entertainment complex, Him Lam Binh An has been developed by the investor with many high-class utility items, both to serve service to maximize the needs of the residents of the area and bring the city people more interesting entertainment spots.


  • Overflowing swimming pool, cool ecological landscape lake
  • 18-hole golf course, golf club, modern indoor and outdoor fitness area
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops…
  • Internal green park, internal walking path…
  • Gym, spa, yoga, fitness area for the elderly and children
  • Luxury marina, BBQ garden, romantic riverside road…


Water music area in the Top Southeast Asia will be put into operation at the end of 2022


HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year


Only within a radius of 1km from the project, residents of The Global City (Saigon Binh An) project can find all the available high-class facilities available, with hospitals, international schools, people's markets, centers, etc. entertainment centers, cinemas, churches...

The Global City District 2 was built with an area of 22 hectares including 2 apartment blocks. When completed, the project will provide 132 apartments and 8 penthouses, 193 villas, townhouses with garden terraces, bringing customers and investors ideal products for investment, living and profiting for the future. future.


13ha green park area


HCMC - Large-scale water music area at The Global City at the end of this year


The Global City project is also implementing the construction of a golf course complex with an area of up to 92 hectares, including a series of high-class service facilities such as: golf club; 18-hole golf course meeting national standards; luxury resort; spa; 400-room hotel… Along with that is a chain of attractive and unique service utilities.

The Global City - Perspective

Overall plan vs SOHO . Commercial Townhouse

The Global City urban area project is a modern apartment, according to high standards. The investor with the desire to bring residents the ideal residence, the best apartment has been invested to the smallest detail with world-class facilities and services.

The location is located in An Phu ward - District 2, so it has helped residents move quickly to the existing utilities around the area, leading the area. Residents will be extremely satisfied with the amenities available inside the apartment.


Perspective of The Global City townhouse


The total scale of the project is 117.4 hectares, providing a variety of products such as Apartments + Townhouses + Villas with a total number of apartments of 12,000 + 600 townhouses and 30 + villas. The construction density of the project is only 30% and the remaining area is for service utilities, fresh green living space.

The scale for The Global City apartment section includes 5 towers with a height of 35 floors with an area of 56-154m²; designed from 2-4 bedrooms with long-term ownership.

Low-rise floor plan The Global City

The Global City luxury townhouse design

The Global City offers a variety of products, environmentally friendly designs and harmonizes with the charming landscape of the whole project.

The townhouses adjacent to the spacious and luxurious garden will bring an ideal living space for customers amidst the hustle and bustle of life that not any project can have in the city. District 2 - Ho Chi Minh City.

The Global City forms a civilized living environment; modern; The amenities are among the best in the area. The project brings an absolute security system to the cultural community, affirming its own level compared to neighboring areas.

These factors have created the best development environment for future generations. Thereby creating sustainable added value in the real estate market.

SOHO . townhouse furniture

Reasons to choose to buy complex investment 


The Rivus Saigon - Utilities


  1. Prestigious project investors and implementation partners are all reputable units in the profession. Ensure quality and schedule as planned.
  2. The project is clearly licensed, full of legal paperwork. Therefore, when customers buy products, they will not have to worry about legal procedures and avoid the risk of their money.
  3. The Global City project location (Saigon Binh An) is located in the central area of the East Zone development with extremely high profit potential thanks to convenient transportation, fresh landscape and high-class existing facilities.
  4. The location factor helps the project to increase product value, the project's liquidity is highly appreciated and appreciated in the future.
  5. The project is planned synchronously, scientifically and owns the largest scale in District 2 currently. Become a new symbol in the current district 2 real estate market.
  6. The investor offers a flexible payment method, a payment schedule according to the time of product completion and especially a preferential and attractive selling price for all customers and investors.
  7. The project's internal and external service facilities are highly appreciated, The project's utility items are to meet all the needs of settlement, leading profitable investment for all residents.
  8. The project provides customers with a variety of product types, designs and areas for customers to choose an ideal product for their residence and profit.
  9. The project's green living space is highly appreciated thanks to the low construction density of the project, while the remaining area is devoted to green living space, fresh and fresh landscape.


The giant of the world's architectural marvels will create the most magnificent The Global City

Partner The Global City

Choosing Foster and Partners to send gold to The Global City, Masterise Homes pioneered to create an iconic "Downtown city" of the entire Southeast Asia region.

Known as the UK's largest design, engineering and architecture group, Foster + Partners is the "father" of many architectural marvels around the world such as: The Gherkin building (London), town hall, and town hall. London, Hearst Tower (New York), Apple Park headquarters (USA), Apple Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), ... Especially, Beijing Capital International Airport, China by Norman Foster - founder of Foster and Partners in charge is considered the greatest work of all.

The investor of The Global City is Masterise Group

Masterise Group – Thao Dien Investment Company (Thao Dien Investment) has announced to change its name to Masterise Group and launch Masterise Homes – the business that manages and develops all of the group's residential real estate brands.

Business philosophy "Customer is the focus"

The residential real estate market is entering a new period - a time when customers are not only interested in "one and two prices", but prioritize finding a place to live to enjoy life and establish a worthy lifestyle. . This requires professional real estate developers not to "stand still" but to always grasp the changes of the market as well as the increasing demands of customers.


Masterise Group - Logo


With the philosophy of "Customer is the focus" that has accompanied the group for many years, Masterise Homes always listens and deeply understands the needs of customers in each moment to constantly create and innovate in quality. quality and service, in order to develop housing products that meet the needs of settlement and bring the best living experience to customers.

With the agility to grasp the world's strong technology transformation trend, Masterise Homes is committed to investing and applying an advanced technology platform to increase living convenience and create class-worthy values.

Besides, Masterise Homes will continue to build solid trust with customers by committing to construction progress, handover, strict compliance with service, care, management, security and maintenance systems. landscape, infrastructure according to international standards as well as organizing customer gratitude and community engagement activities such as: The Master of Festivals and The Master of Symphony.


Cooperation with the world's leading partners

Masterise Homes will continue to comprehensively cooperate with leading real estate partners such as architectural design Tange Associates (Japan), Atkins (UK) and DWP (Thailand), project management consultancy and construction supervisor Artelia (France) and Mace (UK), technical and infrastructure consultant Aurecon (Australia), management and operation of Savills (UK), Techcombank, Coteccons design and construction general contractor , Delta construction general contractor, in order to realize the commitment to create high-class architectural works and bring the best customer experience.



Resonance of prestige - long-term development experience and comprehensive deployment capacity in domestic and international markets of strategic partners is the guarantee of the prestige of quality in each team created by Masterise Homes.


Plan a solid future with community responsibility

In the upcoming journey, Masterise Homes will always listen and constantly change every day to exceed all limits, in order to bring experiences that meet customer needs, contributing to building a prosperous community of residents.

With sincerity and practical contributions, Masterise Homes is always aware of and aims to build human values, contributing to creating a sustainable living environment for the future.

The Global City - Perspective

Project progress The Global City April 2023

Model house to open at the end of 2022

The Global City model house

Contact the sales department of The Global City

Hotline/Zalo: 0911 525 454

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