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Real Estate Market in 2023 - Projects far from the center are the main source of supply


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The outstanding real estate news in 2023,

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1 – Outstanding Real Estate Projects in 2023

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2 – List of real estate projects in West Saigon (HCMC)

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3 – List of real estate projects in Saigon South (HCMC)

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4 – List of real estate projects in the East Saigon area (HCMC)

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5 – List of Binh Duong real estate projects in 2023

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Top 10 construction contractors (Company) in 2023, Coteccons surpassed Hoa Binh…

Coteccons vượt Xây dựng Hoà Bình, lấy lại ngôi đầu bảng nhà thầu xây dựng 2023, hai đại diện thuộc ''đế chế'' mới của ông Nguyễn Bá Dương tiếp tục...
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Affordable apartments in Binh Duong attract customers in Ho Chi Minh City in 2023

Quý I/2023, dù chưa sôi động như một năm trước đây, nhưng với chiến lược phát triển nhà ở phù hợp và tín hiệu tích cực từ hạ tầng, vốn...
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Identify long-term real estate investment instead of short-term of investors with money

Real Estate Investment - “Investors have abundant money, they enter the market with a more forward-looking attitude. They determined...
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HCMC: Minimize townhouses, develop high-rise buildings to rearrange the urban area

Ho Chi Minh City is facing many urban problems such as traffic jams, flooding, lack of green parks... This will be radically changed if...
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Real Estate 2023: "Finding sand to find gold" in the market of Ho Chi Minh City

While Vietnam's real estate market is considered by experts to be in the "winter" state, somewhere there are still bright spots because of the...
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The Global City: Entrepreneurs gather around Lamborghini supercars (launch event on March 15)

On March 15, the new center THE GLOBAL CITY welcomed the arrival of a series of expensive supercars within the framework of the launch event of the new supercar.
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Masterise Homes continuously topped off 3 projects in March 2023

Opening the exciting year of 2023, Masterise Homes became a bright spot in the market with a series of events to topping out 3 key projects in March.
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The real estate market rebounded from the second quarter of 2023, with the Government's actions to remove difficulties

The Government's recent moves to remove difficulties with the real estate market have created hope for businesses. The "iceberg" gradually melts...
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Commencement of construction of the apartment project in front of National Highway 13 - Thuan An, owning only 180 million VND

In the context that the market is in demand for housing products, Diamond Boulevard is becoming a bright spot, with a convenient location at a...
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Vinhomes: large land fund transfers for CapitaLand, Masterise Homes…

Since 2019 until now, Vinhomes (Vingroup) has made many "blockbuster" land fund transfers to corporations such as Masterise Homes (...
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